How can we have a positive effect on our boss?

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If you are an intelligent person that promotion is important for you, surly you understand, how communication is an important ability. boss is the important person in the office which will be the significant factor for promoting you, in this case you should be able to attract his positive opinion toward your performance. 

There are 10 ways that may help you to have a positive affect on your boss:

1- Be on time:

Punctuality reflects your personality. Usually we are on time at the first interview, but when we have accepted for the job, may be will not care about it any more, but coming early at work will impress your boss.

2- Be active:

Impress your boss with your abilities and skills, instead of waiting to give you a task, try to be active and find the task by yourself. In the meeting raise your hand and ask question. Let your boss to see your attempt and self- confidence.

3- Challenge him:

Yes it is right that he is your boss, but it does not mean that you can not ask him any question in a respectable way. Do not  afraid and create brainstorming with your questions.

4- put more efforts

if you work hard, it will have a wonderful affect on your boss, for instance some days leave the office late and get done your task, I do not mean flattering your boss, but these simple movements will reflect your loyalty and trust in the company.

5- Teamwork:

Do not forget teamwork, try to work with your colleagues as a team, support their morale in teamwork. Your boss will appreciate from your informative attempt.

6- Think different:

If everyone always agree with the boss, then there will not be creativity and progress. Take a move and impress your boss with your ideas even if the ideas are not good, at least make him flip out of the same space. Who knows, may it create a new process.

7-Learn a new skill

Interest in learning of new skills, will indicate that your care about the work and its quality. Select one or two new courses each year for developing your skills. 

8-Do not pay attention to rumors:

It can be difficult, but try your best to resist against temptation and rumors which are not true.

9- Be fashionable:

Try to wear a proper and simple cloths because cloths have a significant impact on perception of others about you, if you do not know what to wear, so ask some one else.

10- Listen well  

Some time your boss needs you to listen only, so try to avoid asking him a lot of questions and be a good listener. 

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