How can we make world a better place

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I always want to make world a better place but how?

i cant do it alone i obviously need help.. the help from the world.. you guys can help me by helping others and positive thinking and by let go of the nagitivity in your life. Stop hating others and start love and respect others. Teach our sons to respect and love women. we shouldn't teach them to rape or humilate or abuse women. 

We should start by loving and respect all the cultures and religions. Hate the terrorism not the religion. I have a daughter and when i look at her i think in what kind of world she will grow? i want the world to be better place for her. I want that when she goes out to play or for work or school or away i don't have to worry sick about her that when will be back home is she safe from bad world and bad men and the violence that is always around us.

To change the world we have to start teaching our kids the good. Not just our sons our daughters as well. we need to give them good and safe and better up bringing with values, love, relations, family and good and positive surroundings and maybe that is how we can change the world and make it a better place but we have to start from us then our bloodline maybe will follow.

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