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A teacher who is truly passionate about teaching can always find happiness with his job. He is the kind of teacher whom every child in school would love to have. Inspire them to be a better person and let the kids remember you for the rest of their lives.

 Being an effective teacher doesn’t come overnight, you must work for it and keep on practicing over a period of time. Prioritize the things that should be done first so that everything will run smoothly. Are you that type of teacher?

To be a good educator takes practice and special guidance from mentors and administrators. It is a complex craft learned over time so you need to have an extra amount of perseverance. Adjust your teaching style accordingly and do your best to accommodate all of your students' needs.

It is necessary for all teachers to have a clear understanding of why they are here and why they chose this field. Once you know your purpose, it will give you the fire to achieve high-quality teaching. Given below are the ways on how to effectively teach your students.

1. You must LOVE teaching and truly CARE about children.

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Teaching is an enjoyable and rewarding career field only if you have a passion for doing it. An effective teacher should genuinely care about the children and eager to give them a quality education. You can’t expect the kids to have fun if you are not showing interest to them.

If you have outstanding determination, your passion for teaching will shine through. Once you are committed to your students’ success, the willingness to help them will always come out naturally. Make your lessons come alive by making it fun, engaging, and interactive as possible.

Although teaching can be demanding and exhausting at times, allow yourself to be enthusiastic. Find ways to let students see why your subject is important and what is interesting about it. Teaching is more effective when students are motivated by the desire to learn and when they feel that they are sincerely loved by the teacher.

2. Build GENUINE FRIENDSHIP with students and their parents.

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A good relationship with your students starts on the very first day of school and should continue throughout the year. A simple greeting with a warm smile and friendly hello can make them draw closer to you. It will help solidify and strengthen the bond you have with each of them.

It can be followed by personal greetings using their name or any other special gesture that will make them trust you even more. Create an environment where your classroom can run like a smooth and well-oiled machine, the moment when your students are showing cooperation without the need of forcing them. By doing this, it will be much easier for you to push them to success.

Find time to get to know your students and their interests so that you can look for ways to connect with them. Aside from this, you should also make an effort to get in touch with their parents. Make them feel that it is an honor to talk with them and make it known that they can come to you about anything at anytime of the year. It will lessen the burden if you can find a strong support system in and outside of school.

3. Establish CLEAR and REALISTIC expectations.

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You should make sure the students know what are the goals of the learning program and they must understand how these goals will be assessed. Encourage them to actively participate in evaluating their own learning. Be clear in making your own rules and standards inside the classroom.

An effective teacher understands that by establishing an appropriate and realistic behavior standard, the students will be more willing to follow it. Tell them how would you like work to be completed. Make it clear if you are the kind of teacher who wants the neatest work or someone that give more credits on who would submit first. Your expectations should hit the main points so that it will be easier for you to run the class.

Knowing that there is never enough time to teach everything, you have to choose the most important concepts and show them how it is connected in everyday life. Your duty is to illustrate key points and essential context to help them understand what the lesson is all about. Never try to end the day without ensuring that the students learned valuable lessons from you.

4. Use your time WISELY and make it PRODUCTIVE.

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You have to be prepared for anything and have the ability to seamlessly transition from one activity to another in a timely manner. Think about all the time that’s wasted where children aren’t learning anything. You must know how to estimate the time allotted for attendance, break time, and other activities that go on all day long.

An effective teacher can think about quick routines to save more time. Create strategic plans on how will they enter and exit the classroom, as well as passing out papers, and answering their questions. Utilizing it will give you more time to teach and more time for your students to learn.

Keep an organized planner and keep in mind the importance of planning ahead. The chance of last-minute lesson plans to be effective is very slim, so jot down your ideas as soon as it forms in your mind. Don’t waste any time before you put these ideas into action.

5. ACKNOWLEDGE individual differences and EMBRACE it.

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You must understand that every student has their own pace and in every classroom, there will be a range of abilities and aptitudes. An effective teacher is willing to personalize his teaching style for his students. Instead of letting others struggle and unable to do the work, do your best to accommodate their needs.

Know that students learn best when they are presented with new materials. Use different techniques that enable them to fully understand the lesson. Challenge them to achieve their personal best by giving positive feedback.

It is also important that you should learn to have a thick skin in a way that you wouldn’t feel personally insulted by insensitive student remarks and behavior. Your confidence will remind you that they are not intentionally disrespecting you, they are just children who are still far from maturity. Accept and embrace them as if they were your own. Give genuine praise and encouragement for every step of progress that they show.

6. MASTER your teaching content and STRIVE to learn more.

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You should have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and know what skills need improvement. Aim for an excellent performance but don’t let the stress pile up. Your good judgment determines which will be the most effective learning process that will help them learn successfully.

Learn to be exceptionally well-organized and each lesson must be carefully planned in advance. You are required to have in-depth knowledge of the topic so that you are prepared to answer any questions from the students. Don’t forget to be punctual and do everything in a timely manner.

As you develop expertise in an academic field, you became more capable to explain complex ideas in the simplest way. Help them understand the fundamental concept and the proper use of terminology which they have no prior knowledge of. Think about the teaching habits that you rarely notice and find ways to be more engaging during class discussion.

7. Have PATIENCE to yourself and DON’T be too hard on them.

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Give your students the time to process information and remember what it is like to learn something for the very first time. Realized that it is fine for students to make mistakes because a piece of information that seems obvious to you may not be so clear to those who are new to the subject. Instead of blaming them when things don’t go right, look for ways to reach them more effectively.

Remind yourself that teaching can be difficult and frustrating at times, so be patient with yourself, too. Instead of stressing about change; be flexible and embrace it with both arms. Prove to your co-teachers and students that you are capable of hitting every curveball that comes your way.

Expect that things don’t always go according to plan which is also true when it comes to teaching. Reflect on what went well and what you should do differently next time to evolve as a much effective teacher. Strengthen your teaching skills and never stop educating yourself.

Final Remarks

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Learn to speak in expressive ways and avoid a monotone style to ease the boredom during discussions. Your enthusiasm can influence them to be interested in the topic and activities. Maintaining eye contact, hand gestures, and constantly moving around will help you to get their attention.

You must exhibit positive expectations to make your students believe that they can excel and be great. Telling each of them that they are capable learners will encourage them to exceed their highest abilities. Be their strength whenever they feel like giving up.

Create class routines so that students would know what you are expecting on them from the moment they enter the room. Don’t tolerate rudeness or any inappropriate behaviors. Be fair, firm, consistent, and show no favoritism.

Educators should know how to effectively manage the entire class. Proper classroom management is about how to take a roll, keep an effective grade book, and how to discipline your students without hurting them. It is also about how wise you are in catering to the needed curriculum and how are you going to present it in the class.

Learn to show tolerance to various points of view during class discussions. Build an interpersonal relationship with them to create a trusting bond with each other. Provide a safe and orderly environment where they can feel safe and confident to try a new experience. Continue on searching for better ways of providing additional help to your students specially to those who are not performing well. To be an effective teacher means that you are able to move their hearts and touch their lives.




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