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Many of us know we are in trouble on the environmental front but the better question is what can I do to help the environment? The truth is, there are a lot of little things we can do to help improve our environment, and the change starts at home.

When most of us hear of climate change, we often think to ourselves that the problem is bigger than us and we can’t drop everything in our lives to clean up the ocean front or host protests (for those that can, we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication). So, what can we do?

Well, the fact of the matter is the little things make the greatest difference. We brush our teeth at least twice a day, usually in the morning and before we go to bed. So, every time you turn off the water while brushing your teeth, you’re helping the environment.

Better yet, drink tap water instead of bottled water. Plastic water bottles have a huge impact on the amount of waste we produce so use a Pur or Brita water filter just in case you you’re not too sure of the filtration system in your community. 

One of the greatest changes would be when running errands. First off try to run errands or ride to work on a bike, if you can.

If you must drive, combine your various errands into one trip to save time, money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds a year for staying two days a week off the road, courtesy of HowStuffWorks.

Speaking of driving, don’t go crazy speeding up and braking hard. Driving just ten miles slower than the speed that you drive on average say 50 mph instead of 60 mph will save you an average of 4 miles per gallon, killing two birds with one stone so it’s better for your wallet and the environment.

All in all, pay attention to what your doing. Many of us have a habit of brushing our teeth with the water running, it’s unnecessary waste and the result of habit, nothing else. Simply pay attention to the little things, as they make the biggest difference in the long run.

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