How cancer caused by increasing our dirty food

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Today we know that in the market there are many foods and other eating materials are present and we do not know that which thing is harmful for our health and we do not know that diseases such as cancer are cause in the part of our dirty choices.

When we buy some food from the market, the food are full of germs. When we eat these things that are damaged our body and cause the different diseases in human body. It make a source of our death. In 1950 scientist discovered relationship between diet and coronary heart disease,, is the nations number one killer.

In the last 15 years the scientist has discover the relationship between the diet and cancer by doing some experiments. The national academy of science , and a organization are research on the cancer, he find that when we reduce the died the risk of developing cancer are increased.

There are some guidelines about the cancer.Reduce the intake of total fats, calories and increase the consumption of fruit, vegetables and all grains. Consume more salt cured and smoke foods only in moderation. Always drink the filtered water.

Most cancers start when the body is exploded to a carcinogen, the cancer causes substance that are present around us in the environment like sunlight. When the body is explored to this substance it can usually destroy carcinogen without malignant effects.

Always take care of your health and clean the places that are related with us. Because we know that our health is our first priority.


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