How Do They Earn From YouTube?

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The first question that pops up into your head before you start a business or anything like that is that is it worth trying?

Well if we talk about YouTube in particular, Yes it's worth giving a try.

Youtubers earn a lot of money but we never know how much because nobody ever tells you that as it is against the youtube policy. I myself have been involved in youtube for more than a year and I'm about to share my experience with you guys.

Well if you are reading my blog uptill now then definitely you are that one fella who has either been involved in it or is interested in knowing about it. It doesn't matter as long as you are here. Now I'll share some helpful tips and my personal experience with you guys. 

I have seen a lot of youtubers who have been doing extremely good with their youtube channel and they are earning some handsome amount from it. Here are some famous youtubers who have been doing this youtube thing very effectively.

Note:- these are mostly the youtubers from Asia

  • Sham Idrees

A Canadian/Pakistani youtuber who started with comedy videos related to the things which we do in our daily life. 

  • Shaveer Jafry

This guy is also Canadian/Pakistani youtuber who too did funny videos. Both the guys mentioned yet started their youtube together and within a short span of time became famous througout Pakistan and India as well. Of course many people could relate to the videos they made especially videos from student life, brown people and white people differences etc.

  • Bhuvan Bam

An Indian youtuber who has his channel BBkivines famous throughout Pakistan and India. No doubt the guy made a lot of funny videos involving different characters played by the same person which of course was unique in itself.

  • Irfan Junejo

Pakistani youtuber who has his goals set and aims very high. He is very famous among youngsters as well as adults. 

Well these are the guys I personally love and I have seen their videos. Many of you must be familiar with them already but for those who don't know, can google them. There are many more youtubers out there. I gave a very short intro of these guys as I don't want to make my blog look very long and of course I ain't wikipedia . Most of the people won't read it then (a bad joke) p.s sorry for that.

How to Start?

Well I had a YouTube  channel related to technology. Honestly it didn't do well and I didn't even enjoy making those videos. 

I'll suggest you guys not to think over it so much, if you want to start your own channel. Just make sure you don't quit too early. Keep trying and do it in your own style. Here are some tips for you:-

  • Aim for a small goal first.

Don't try to leap high in the first place so that you don't get disappointed if you don't reach your goal. And if you get more than what you expected, just be thankful and keep on doing the good work.

  • Consistency  is very important.

You don't want to miss this factor. This is one the most important thing to keep in your mind while you make your own videos. You have to be consistent in order to achieve your goals.

  • Quality must not be compromised over quantity

Usually this happens with YouTube beginners. They make more videos and start lacking quality of the content. You don't want hundreds of videos having no views or very less. Take your time and make good stuff.

  • Don't lose confidence in the first place.

If your videos ain't doing good so don't lose hope. Big things usually take time. You may not get the early result but after some time you'll get what you wanted.

  • Share your videos with your friends.

In the beginning you get no views or low views. Your videos need an exposure so yes you have the mediums. Share your videos on social platforms with your friends.

  •   Set a time table for your videos.

It is a very interesting point so I want you to read it thoroughly. You might have seen YouTube videos of a particular youtuber uploading on a specific day or in the same pattern. That is the time table they have set for their audience so you might wanna create one for yourself. It helps you a lot.

  • Don't look for any kind of shortcuts. 

There are two types of YouTubers.

  • The dedicated ones 

Such YouTubers  love their work and they enjoy what they do so they don't care about early success.

  • The spam ones

Such YouTubers try to reach their goals through unfair means and they end up getting their channel banned permanently. Try not to become the second ones. 

  • Don't stress yourself too much. Relax, make videos, repeat !

YouTube pays you only when you work. Without any effort you won't achieve anything. Keep all the points in your mind which I have mentioned and give it a try. Last but not the least don't try to copy others. Create your own stuff and do things which you are good at.


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