How Film Annex come in my life?

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How Film Annex come in my life?


I am student and doing Bs in Chemistry from Government Post Graduate College Haripur.  I am in the search of part time job on internet or anywhere. I try my best but remain effortless. During my search on internet I also see Film Annex on internet but ignore it because on my every work on internet all make fraud with me and I am in the search of job that is permanent and have good earning. Before coming on Film Annex I found two to three jobs on internet but earning is too low so I leave all of them.


One day I discus my problem to my college friend Usman, who say me that his one friend is doing job on internet and he earned twenty to twenty five thousand per month I become very glad to hear this. Next day we meet with the friend of my friend, and then he told us that he is doing job on internet and earn good money. He told me about Film Annex, which is the site for students where they are able to make good money if they are good writer or film maker.

He brief us that how we are able to make money. Then I am start work on Film Annex I write a blog on pollution, its types and diseases caused by them. In next day when I login on Film Annex I saw that I start earning on Film Annex. After my first blog I start permanently writing blogs for Film Annex.

In twenty days I write nine blog for Film Annex and earn seventy plus Dollars from Film Annex which is good amount for me. And the students who want part time job I suggest him to login on Film Annex show their skill and earn money like me, because up till now I can’t see any fraud in it. So it is good site for students who want to earn money, because my all friends who want to earn money use Film Annex.


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I am student of CHEMISTRY doing Bs hons in Chemistry from GPGC college Haripur.I love to write blogs.

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