How Filmmakers are raising funds though Film annex

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As I was working on one of my MBA applications, i was asked to express my views through a video. It has been a big learning process for me to express myself in a 90 seconds video. But for sure, I realized that those filmmakers, whom i critique sitting at home/theatre are doing a fabulous job in expressing themselves. But then again when I was initially introduced to filmannex, I came to know that ‘Filmmakers are raising funds though Film annex’. Hence I decided to research further on filmannex video platform and what it offers to filmmakers. You can also watch the videos that I selected through my web TV link available at the end of this post.

Filmannex has such a impressive repository, that i did not have much to write. Rather i am sharing the collection of insightful tips that i received from various resources on Filmannex. Here is the first video on how we can use Facebook to Promote and Make Money on Film Annex.

Currently, Film Annex and its network of 300 Web TVs have more than 260,000 registered members, including award-winning content from international film festivals. Francesco Rulli is the Founder and President of Film Annex and here he talks about why he decided to start the new Film Annex Corporate Website.

Francesco Rulli, the founder and president of Film Annex, explains how the Film Annex business model works, how much traffic the platform gets, and some new strategies to keep the site active and strong.


Animation Filmmaker Jonathan Ng joined Film Annex only a few month ago. His Web TV has several great short films, interesting blog posts about how he makes his movies. Here he talks on Online Film Distribution and Social Media on Film Annex platform.

In this video, serial entrepreneur Tommaso Rulli discusses the reasons for opening and the long-term goals of Film Annex China. Tomasso is in charge of growing Film Annex China due to his extensive experience working in China.

After going through multiples resources, i had one basic questions- How is filmannex different from other platforms such as youtube( which give access to lot of videos). This question is beautifully answered in this post. Why Spiderman Is Not On Film Annex Professional Video Platform?


Film Annex is definitely a nice platform for filmmakers, writers, and viewers. I have been associated with them through my blogs, but will definitely post one of my videos on this site. Though i am not a great filmmaker, the social message  that i convey is important.

Thanks to Filmannex team for providing such a great platform.

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