How Great is The Plastic Waste Problem?

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How Great is The Plastic Waste Problem?

Image Credit: by @artbytes via Pixteller

We all use plastic every day. From clothespins, credit cards, household product containers, plastic chairs, and tables. And the most commonly used plastics are plastic bags and water bottles. They consumed and thrown by the millions around the globe every single day.

The disposed plastics end up in the garbage dumps and many of them find their way into the ocean. According to Green Earth UK, 12 million tonnes of plastic is entering our oceans every year.


Let's Talk About The Plastic Waste Problem



Image Credit: Screenshot of the Querlo Chat by Artbytes

In This CBLog we will discuss the following

  1.  Benefits of using plastics
  2.  What are the negative effects of using plastic?
  3. . What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  4.  What can we do to lessen the effects of plastic on our planet?
    5. What is being done to solve this plastic problem?

Querlo Chat

Querlo Chat: The Great Plastic Problem

Plastic: Are they Worth the Convenience?

These days, we can't seem to get a day done without using a single thing made of plastic.  Our toothbrush and combs are made of plastic. Our cellular phones and other gadgets are made of plastics. 

We drink from disposable water bottles every day. We use plastic bags every day.

Minimize Our Contribution to the Problem

One thing that we can at least do is to minimize our contribution to the plastic waste problem. We can do that by minimizing our use of disposable plastics. Thus lessening our contribution to the plastic garbage.

  • Recycle
  • Reuse

Spread the Awareness

Most people, including myself before I made this blog, are not fully aware of the extent of the problem caused by the plastic garbage. 

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