How I Save Money as a College Student in the Philippines

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I'm not good at blogging so bear with me. I will just tell you what I do and hope to inspire you to start saving.

I've tried many methods for saving. One method I've tried is to have no goal amount and a container that can't be opened unless destroyed. Next thing I did was to put any denomination of money bills in it per week. It could be as low as a 20 peso bill or as high a 1000 peso bill. You can put as many as you like or can.

The reason for having no set goal is to not pressure me too much. You don't have to save 500 pesos per week always, or any amount for that matter. It is flexible to your expenses at the time. You are in charge of how much you put but once you put it in, you can't get it back. 

Also, you have to set the time frame of how long you will save and when you'll break it open. 

I saved about 16,000 Pesos in a year's time. That's pretty good for someone whose allowance is 1500 per week. I could probably do more if I didn't spend as much.

Anyway, thank you for reading!

I will post other methods I've tried next time

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