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Hi folks! Today, I’m going to share to all of you, the things I did with my first ever cash out here in bitLanders. It was a spontaneous emotion, especially that I am a just a simple student, who wants to have an extra cash for my extra activities. I am, seriously, dedicated to earnings, and learn things beyond my knowledge.


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I already earned last year and I really had a great time using my hard work's fruit, Therefore, when I thought of this topic, I automatically thought of students like me, who also wants to do something they’ve never thought they could. So, before I become emotional, let us start this.

How to earn in bitLanders, a short video for newbies.

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As what I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, and I think I should mention here again, bitLander was introduced to me by an app, which has the purpose of giving ideas about earning online. At that time, I was actually stressing myself out of those scammers, who promised a large amount of cash in doing an easy way of earning but sadly, they will just waste your time and destroy your hope.

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Also, some websites around the net, which is to hard to understand by a student like me, and too hard to earn. I may say that I am one of the lucky people, who discovered bitLanders. With an interested outlook to what might happen, I tried bitLanders. Cheers for me! At last, I have found the site that suits me. Therefore, bitLander has become one of my reasons to enhance myself, as a writer; Fixing my grammars, increasing my vocabulary, learning to be consistent and many more.

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My first blogs were too unprofessional, and I already came to the point of tardiness in writing. But then, after weeks of trying and taking advice from bitLander’s Senior and Ms. Hillary, I finally came to my senses, and proudly, did an awesome job. I managed to earn Php 7,000 (140 us dollars) just within 4 months (including the time I still don’t know how the site works) and today, I'm still proud with that, So if you still don't have a bitLanders' account, click here for free registration!

The following list are the things I’ve done and bought using my first earnings.


1. I bought a Php 2,800 (56 US dollars) cabinet

    I think this was my main goal when I already earned my payment, and it was also a great way for me to remember, that my hard work here in bitLanders will always have something to contribute in some random aspect of my life. The cabinet, I bought, was really an accomplishment for me, especially for a student, it gave me something to be proud of.

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2. I bought personal stuff, costing Php 700 (14 US dollars)

    When I say, “personal stuff”, I mean it. Stuff like beauty products, hygienic product, clothes, accessories and even food products, I also bought some treats for my friends and shared the experienced I had in bitLanders, hoping to influence them to also try the site.

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3. I gave Php 1,000 (20 US dollars) worth of cash to my mom for her groceries.

    Earning something for the first time is one of the accomplishment you can do in your life, thus, contributing it to the person who supported you throughout the process. A simple, “ Thank you” is enough but, It will be much appreciated if it has something to serves as a gift.

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My mom spends the money, appreciatively and proudly, and bought stuff we really need in our household. She even saved some for dinner, at that time, and we happily savor the fruits of my little labor.

4. I deposited the Php 2,000 (40 US Dollars) in my bank account.

    I love savings. I love saving for the future, and I also love investing for the greater good. So, as what I love to do, I, myself, proudly, deposited money in my bank account. I still remember that day, when my dad, withdrew Php 7,000 worth of cash from his debit card, he happily handed me the fruit of my labor. Also that day, we drove over to my bank, took away Php 2,000 from the rest, and deposited it wholeheartedly.


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Prosperity is the fruit of labor. It begins with saving money.

Abraham Lincoln

5. And lastly, I saved the Php 500 (10 US Dollars) for my pocket money.

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For a total of 140 dollars I earned here, I bought some simple stuff and it was a great experience to remember. The remaining cash from my earnings served as my pocket money when going out and having fun. For months, I became really useful and became a responsible daughter of my mom and dad.


Video Source: Habits of the Wealthy YouTube Channel

This blog was not that long but hopefully, I did gave a motivation for all people out there to strive harder and earn, even the simplest form of earning can give a great impact in our living. So, always be motivated and have a lovely life! Thank you Everyone!

  NellShaOza ღ
❧ Accountany and Business Management 2017-2018 ❣
Soon to be a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Student ❧






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