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How is this creation I am surprised
Why this thoughthas always its power exercised
O, God!for me unravel this tangle
I see some run after matter
Some fall victim to these traitors
Some enjoy th ecomforts of the life
While others are in trouble great
But how mysteriously you mingle?
Some strive to cut the sea depths
Some reach the height of sky blue
Some culminate in human threats
Thus leave not they world from any angle
Some wealth and health both have
Some find difficult to have even care
Some manipulate the weaker men
Think not a bit even to see the grave
In some four elements vigorously mixed
But still have very virtuous quest
Some are seen to be fired in water
And some have sence at their best
But none are like eagle
Oh!i say I ahould be humble
Otherwise I may seriously stumble
O,God!please satisfy my spirit
And put me in ease,not in jumble
This world only you so nicely handle…

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