How Metal Detectors Work?

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One of the hobbies that I sometimes engage my time is playing with my own metal detectors. I actually own different sets of metal detectors designed to locate small pieces of coins to a large cache of treasure.

I'm not actually after any of those large piles of treasures. I've been reading on the internet that buried treasures are dangerous to excavate especially when you do not know what you are doing.

For me, it's just like playing with my toys trying to enjoy myself with the technology. Uncovering any piece of metallic trash is already good enough for me and makes me happy.

What is a Metal Detector?

If you know nothing about metal detectors, these are electronic equipment designed to located buried objects underground. Many hobbyist used it to find long lost coins or accessories that were accidentally dropped on the ground in the past.

You may also be surprised to know that security guards are using metal detectors. They are using it to scan you and your bags for any prohibited objects just before you enter a certain premises such as malls.

So how Does it Work?

In order to describe how do metal detector work?, it's best explained by describing the functions of the three major parts of the equipment which are the following:


A metal detector requires electricity in order for it to work. So batteries are importantly needed.

Search Coil

The search coil is the part of the metal detector that senses the buried object.

Control Box

If it happens that the search coil have sensed a target, the signal will be passed into the control box which will be processed into an audible or visual alert.

Some metal detectors especially those that are quite expensive have a special feature called, "discriminator". This is a feature where the detector can distinguish what kind of object has been detected. Through it, the operator can ignore the trash and only recover those objects that are worth digging.

Moreover, if you bought yourself a brand new metal detector then you should read its manual on how to properly operate it. It's because some metal detectors can easily get broken or damage if their settings are not correctly adjusted.

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