How secience change our society by new technology

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Progress is arrived due to the advance of science. Due to modern technology the life of human beings become better. Due to this modern technology the human beings made amazing progress in almost every walks of life.

In the field of medicine, in this age the treatment of all diseases will be curable due to surgery, laser and through x-rays. The new injections, antibiotics,drugs, painless operations, treatment of cancer by using radioactive isotopes are the progress of mankind.

In the field of scientific machinery manufactured the new type of machinery which decrease the work of a common man. In the field of agriculture, all the work is possible due to the modern machines. In the field of industries worker make 100 % product within no time.

Due to this modern machinery like the new buses, aeroplanes, motor cars, household electrical appliances, new sources of communication like fax, e-mail, telephone, Internet will make the life of human beings are more comfortable. The success of space flight is also the biggest progress of the mankind.

The space scientist not only go on moon but also see so many other planets of solar system. They made satellites and arranged in a space having a proper system. In the field of defence most of the countries made that equipment which used it for their on defence like atom bomb and so many other appliances.

All the things are the progress of mankind. This is not done in one year. The people's work thousand of years then are these comfort will be given to us. Behind this progress the hard work of millions of scientist which work day and night and made all these things.

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