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The title seems a bit confusing but it is not.

Yes, the title is indeed `How to talk to your Brother` in a manner that both of you won’t get annoyed or angry at each other.

I have this little brother who is quite philosophical when it comes to reason. Sometimes I think he is a genius for his age. We often argue about things and what-nots; and as the eldest, I get blamed for making him cry.

I do not intend to make my little brother cry, but I am simply lecturing him of what is true and good. One example for that is to `Never cry when you are not really in pain`. It is because most children whine just to get the parent`s attention which is not a necessity as of the moment. My brother is such a cry baby and I don’t want him to grow up being such a wimp that is why I always tell him "It is okay to cry but not to cry all the time"- but then my brother would reason out that he is being bullied even if he is not. He would say things such as "he is not being loved" because he cant get whatever he wants. My parents doesn’t want to spoil him but he gets hysterical and whine some more.

I have scolded him a lot of time but I have realized that the more I get angry and scold him, the more his feelings seems to go farther away from me. I love my little brother but since I am human I get easily irritated and angered, so when I came to realize the situation, I started to go near him and pat his shoulder. We started talking and he seemed to be listening until we straighten things up and he was able to understand me and we became close as ever.

But what did I exactly do?


  1. Took a deep breath
  2. Approached my little brother with a smile
  3. Pat his shoulder and started to open a conversation calmly
  4. Looked into his eyes to make him feel you are sincere
  5. Said sorry even if I was not at fault (but reminded him of his faults too)
  6. Smiled again and apologized
  7. Told him about the things that will make him laugh/smile
  8. Reminded him of good deeds
  9. Told him I love him and
  10. Hugged him tight

Those were the things I did to be able to talk to my naughty brother and to build a stronger relationship with him. ;)


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