How the Character Develops?

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 Character Development

What is meat by character?

A group of features specific to a person or group those distinguish it from other person or group are collectively called a character of that person.

The character also refers to a person with a role in a drama or a film.

In lexical meaning character means the alphabets that constitute a word.

What is a Character Development?

A group or series of changes that appear during someone's life period are said, his character development.

A personality and a character though seems to be the same, in reality they are a bit different but are closely related. I will try to explain, what does the personal development mean? and how does the character development fit into it?          

Personality or personal development comprises 5 factors:



These are what we do as a routine and behave, like a good man is one, doing good things and a truthful person is, who always speak truth. You see, doing good and speaking truth has become his habits.  


This is actually how do we perform in our daily life? In other worlds how we use our principles and habits in our routine life practice? So to show a behavior we must have some principles and habits, either bad or good.   


These are the beliefs and thoughts upon which our life is based. these may be religious social, socioeconomic etc.If someone believe that God is one and He has made all the creatures on earth. So his principles of life will be humbleness and trust in God.


This means how we use our principles and habits to establish our daily relation and influence in our society, like being pious, honest, truthful,ambitious, traitor, patriotic are all characters traits. These are all our qualities that we possess based on our principles.


Our believe means what and how we understand this world and things related to it and our life e.g, do we believe in God? Yes or No, it will leave influence on our thoughts and how do we act in life? If we believe in what is happening around us is true,we will follow it and if believe it is untrue we will refrain and it will have leave impression on our character, behavior and habits.  

It is obvious from this discussion that character development is only a part of personal development and is not a different entity. To have a good personality we have to establish a good character and vice versa.

What makes our Character?

All aspects of a person's behavior and attitude, that may be physical, mental, biological or genetic that constitute a personality, make a character of that person. A character or personality development go side by side. 

What is  Character?

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Now I will try to explain by examples, how the character develops?

In a Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet" once he was a young prince, full of life, then quickly becomes a melancholic person after his father's death. The play shows how he slowly and deadly falls to melancholia.


Victor Hugo's, "Less miserable" shows many characters those change  according to the  social events. Jean Valjean ( a character) is a selfish violent convict and develop into very generous and kind father to 'Cosette' and then Cosette slowly changes from a lonely abused child into a kind and caring woman.


What is meant by character building?

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The addition of certain good traits in character e.g courage, endurance ,self reliance and self recognition are all needed to build a good character. Boarding school experience has been proved a good effort in character building. Sports and military training institutions are designed for building the youth character. Some institution arrange character building expeditions.

How can we  develop a Good Character?

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Developing a good character may be  very easy but with a hard start. A good character always proves to be beneficial for our career. It is more important than our talent. A talented person can be successful in adapting a career but without good character can't withstand and ultimately loses.

If we practice the things that are necessary for building good character as I am mentioning here we can develop our character in a better way. Please read them carefully.

These are!

A Continuous education:

Improvements in life needs continuous education because no one in our world is perfect. It can be formal as in school and universities or informal from parents, peers, society and friends etc.

Indeed we learn during our job, A business man leader Harold Geneen said!

In the world of business everyone is paid in two forms, cash and experience, we should take the experience first, the cash will come later. 


We decide to be self supported:

We should know that no one is responsible for our living unless we become permanently disabled due to some misfortune. We are in-charge of ourselves. How quick are we in deciding this? it is up to us. The quicker we decide, better shall we feel and better we shall be in society and family. This is no way to think that someone else will take care of us. If we think like that, it will damage our self respect and we will go on the negative side of character development that is a bad character.


The great orator Robert G Ingersoll said in 1800's


Every human being should learn that his first duty is to care and respect himself because to be self respecting he must be a self-supporter and self-dependent

One should spread Kindness:

T Rubin noted that kindness is even more important than wisdom. If we remain kind to others irrespective of age,race and religion, we receive the same kindness in return and it is the way to develop good links that can attract better way of living with others. Charlie John often said'

Many times the Lord takes us through experiences that have nothing to do with us but it help us to understand others i.e  how are they going in their lives? This is the time to spread kindness  and that will grow our character.

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We should Work on ourselves:

A legendary author and speaker Jim Rohn said;

                        Work harder on yourselves than on your job

To listen to ourselves should be actually a part of our job.When our heart speaks, guides us, we should listen to it, take notes and keep safe in memory (brain). so If we develop the traits of being truthful, honest, punctual, self-carer and kind, our character develops and  strengthens.  


We should practice persistence:

To be good in character one should never Procrastinate.we should go beyond miles to fulfill our promises. It is always pain-taking but it distinguish people of character from the ordinary ones. There are a few people in this world to whom the success was destined and was lost soon afterwards due to lack of persistence, but mostly the success comes after struggle and lives long. 

We should remain determined:

Success never comes overnight, for that we have to work day and night with determination and combat the failures that come in the way. So it is said that character is the result of determined determination. There are few people to whom success was destined and was lost soon due to lack of determination, whilst a large number is of those people who succeeded  due to their continuous struggle and determination and their reward was everlasting.


We should add Values:

Our meetings, our actions and our job should add value to others and ourselves. This happen when we pay respect to others irrespective of their race, religion, sex and color, e.g if we are in-charge of some money or account, then before spending every penny we should think, would I spend in this way if it was my own money. we should leave the persons and jobs in a situation or with value better than we met them before. 

We should follow the excellence of others lives:

There are example of excellence in our society that needs to be followed up for building our character. Sir Isaac Newton, first faced failure due to unfavorable circumstances but later developed into a world known character as a famous innovative scientist. We should learn and remember that It  is all  up to our minds to do better each day.


In this blog, I tried to explain what is a character and the necessities and needs of developing a good. character. I hope it will be an addition to the knowledge of the readers and will help them in the life period.

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