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Their children are admitted to American and British school. They remain under the impression that they own the county and all the rest of the people are their salves. On the other hand, there are people who fail to get food even a day. They do not have any shelter against wind and rain.

Some of them have made footpaths their homes. For them, the footpath is their dwelling place and perhaps their graveyard as well. The rich people are indifferent to what happening around them. One of the most important reasons for poverty is that the rich countries are spending millions of dollars on useless activities whereas this money can be spent for the eradication of poverty.

For examples, the exploration of the conquest of the moon was undertaken by the two countries so as establish their superiority over the rest of the world. Needless so say that the exploration proved useless for human beings.

 Another reason is that the people living in rich countries are leading a comfortable and luxurious life whereas millions of people are unable to get their daily bread and butter. If the people yow to lead a simple life, millions of people can be helped so as to get rid of poverty. 

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