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Poverty means a situation when people are unable to meet their expenses with the money that they get and have either to starve or to lead a very miserable life. They cannot afford to keep their children at schools. Consequently most of the young children either become criminal minded or have to work in different shops, workshops, factories and mills so as to earn a few coins to meet the needs of their families.

All the members of the family work to earn their livelihood but are unable to keep both body and soul together. Fighting poverty is one of the major focuses of government regardless of which part of the world it happens to be. Poverty like a termite engulfs the moral nature of the people. It engender vice like bribery, corruption, lawlessness, hooliganism, swindling, begging etc. It has been estimated that in our country, more than thirty percent people are unable to send their children to schools. They are working like laborer; they do not have any means to improve their lot.

 It the situation persists, no one knows what is going to happen in future. The main causes of poverty are the unjust division of the resources of the country. On the one hand, there are people who can spend millions of rupees per day without bothering about the future. 

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