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In these days, blogging has become a trend. This is all because the internet has provided us with the access to share our thoughts with the people. Now all you need to do is to write a piece of content and share it on the web. Everyone can be a blogger but everyone cannot be a successful blogger unless he follows some rules to become a successful blogger. You cannot write whatever the random stuff comes to your mind rather you have to arrange it and present it well.

So today, being a blogger is an easy thing but to become a successful blogger is a really tough thing. In this article, I will try to explain some tips to become a successful blogger. I will try to explain whatever I have learnt in the past year about how to be a successful blogger. All you need to do is to focus on and read carefully whatever I have written below.

In the previous article, I explained the Top Earning Bloggers in the World to motivate you guys that blogging can be a good profession which can make you rich. And now, I will tell you the tips and tricks along with some very important information so that you could become a successful blogger too.


Collecting Right Knowledge about Your Niche


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Yes, it is very important to have a knowledge of your writing niche. But more important thing is to have a right knowledge about your niche. I am writing the word "niche" again and again, what does it mean? Let me tell you what the word "niche" means?

Niche means topic on which you are going to create a blog


So it is very important to select such a niche on which you can write tons of words without any problem. Most of the times it happens that you select a good niche and have a good knowledge of it. But still, your blog does not get any success. This is because the niche you chose to write already has a large competition on the web.

For example, if I choose the niche of Tech then I won't be successful because the competition on Tech is already large enough. I can only get success if I have more knowledge and I can attract the users. In short, I have to work really hard to beat all the other Tech blogs. Otherwise, I have to choose any other niche to write which have low competition.




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If you choose to write then you should be consistent in writing. You should be writing on the daily basis so that your blog does not run out of new stories and new visitors. You will be upset at the beginning because of the very few or no visitors but this thing should not stop you from writing. Consistency is a major key to become a successful blogger because it is the basic rule of blogging. So whatever your writing niche is and at whatever stage you are, all you need to do is to be consistent. 

Quality Content

Another useful thing which most of the new bloggers ignore is the quality and quantity of an article. If you wanted to write a blog then you must have to focus on the quality as well as the quantity of the blog. Sometimes it happens that there is a quality in your blog but the quantity which is required is not there. This will affect your hard work and the user pay less heed to your blog and moves on.

It is quality rather than quanitity that matters.


In short, you have to write a great content by which the reader get inspired and sticks to your blog. You have to add emotions, imaginations and some attractive things which can catch the attention of the reader. So always write quality content but also never ignore quantity too.


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Try to Read more than Write more

 Reading is a good habit as well as healthy habit. If you read more than you would have more knowledge and this is another rule of how to become a successful blogger. If you do have more knowledge than you can write more and in a more precise and professional way.  Moreover, reading the blog posts of the other successful bloggers helps you to understand how to write a successful blog.  So, I can say that more reading and less writing is also the key to become a successful blogger.


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Presentation is a very important thing to be considered when you are writing a blog. Presentation of a blog is the first thing by which the reader can be attracted towards the blog. If your blog is well presented and the reader does not face any difficulty while trying to read your blog then that reader is going to stick around on your blog unless he does not find the quality of content you wrote useful to him.

Write some catchy heading in your article. The heading is the most important thing because it defines your article. Heading tells the readers about the content you have in your article.  Add some relevant images and videos to it. Use subheadings, bolds, italics and text formatting options which makes your blog to look attractive.


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Hard Work is the Key to Blogging

Nothing can be achieved without hard work. Most of the people come in the field of blogging by thinking that they will write few posts and then they will get success in no time. But this never happens. Every investment takes time to give you the profit. If you have decided to come in the field of blogging then the most important thing which you need is the hard work. Hard work with consistency will lead you to the success and then the hard work which you would have done in the past would not be a regret to you.


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To be Continued. . .

This blog is continued yet. Wait for its another part. I will cover up the remaining things on the next blog.


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