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Hello Bitz!! Yep. I'm here again, writing about something I've been struggling from ever since I started my job. I've been having a hard time sleeping for a while now because of my insomnia and so I wanted to share with you here at Bitlanders, my best method of fighting my sleeping disorder.

Every night, I find myself focusing on sleeping but the attempt of doing so makes me even more awake. I get so irritated every morning because of my lack of sleep, traveling for work with heavy eyes. Sleepless.

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I figured, when will I ever be able to sleep like a baby? Maybe it would help if I think or do something that would help me relax. What are those things I should do?

#1 Play a piece of peaceful music.

Every time I go to youtube and find a piece of nice music, I'd always tend to download the music video and then convert it into mp3 with my Any Video Converter software.

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I love listening to music. I mean, who doesn't? Anyway, so I have this collection of songs organized in folders and named them as per genre, there's the pop, alternative, reggae, love songs, OPM (Original Pinoy Music), I've got Disney songs from all my favorite Disney movies, I've also got some Christmas as well as Christian songs, and a folder for all my favorite cover songs.

I found one-hour deep sleep music so I downloaded it. I started setting up my laptop with my speakers and plugged the laptop charger on for a night to keep the music playing. I played deep sleep music for the whole night.

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Listening to white noises is a weird habit as my sister said because I'd always play that certain sound that makes her imagine like being trapped in a dark magical forest. As for me, I find it relaxing and therapeutic. The effect was virtuous. At least it helped me focus on the music and fall asleep in a pinch on time. Relaxing deep sleep music or any white noise is a check.

#2 Do something to get yourself drained.

Common things I usually do to get sleepy is read a blog or surf the web while leaning on my oversized pillow.

I sometimes check for new mobile themes for my Samsung phone.

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Sometimes I just watch random videos on youtube till my eyes get tired.

Wait. I don't think using any electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets or laptops before going to sleep is a good habit. Although I still do that every night, doing this stimulates the brain activity even more which then would eventually promote insomnia. But what I do instead is write a journal or a "to do" list, or maybe finish my coloring book. When I say coloring book, it means an adult coloring book. And then I'll start getting sleepy.

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Not unless I've had a very long day and dumped with unlimited deadlines, then that's the time for me to bond with my gadgets. You know what I'm saying, right?!

#3 Drinking milk and avoiding coffee or caffeine before bedtime.

Drinking milk is good for health. It's got no side effects, not like coffee. I got insomnia because of this bad habit. But what can I say, I'm only human? LOL.

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I did some experiments on my "drinking-milk-habit". I started the consumption right after my insomnia strike. And guess what, no effect at all. I'm still suffering from my insomnia.

And so my next experiment was drinking milk before bedtime and no to coffee every morning. Now you should guess what I drink every morning. The one and only, "MILK".

Cheers to drinking milk twice every day!!

Here's the result. I fell asleep and it was fast. I'm not saying super-fast but, maybe in just a medium speed of time. LOL.

Oh, and another thing I avoid is coke in the afternoon. I'm telling you, I really don't like the feeling I get during my "alert mode" late at night.

#4 Sleep in a cold room.

Whenever the weather is cold, it is always enticing to curl down with my lovely pillow and bed. 

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Especially when it's a rainy day. I just love rainy days. The sound of the rainfall itself and the cool weather makes me feel sleepy every time I'm at home.

#5 Do some walking or biking.

Exercise is essential for the human body. I usually do some walking along the park every after work. I think it helps a bit about my sleeping problem because walking drains my energy.

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I personally think I should keep this routine.

#6 Choice of food.

Based on research, it is advisable to eat fruits like cherries or cheese. These foods are so rich with vitamins that reduce sleeping problems or even be a remedy for insomnia.

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Heartburns can also be dodged by drinking a glass of low-fat milk, as I have said earlier.

Then again, things that should be avoided are alcohol, caffeine, as well as all the fatty and spicy foods before bedtime in order to escape from the wrath of insomnia. LOL.

#7 Lessen daytime naps.

Naps are just hmmm. I don't know. Maybe I'm just so used at taking power naps that I developed it in time. I nap a bit every after lunch and I know it’s not good for me.

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Every time I do that I find it hard to sleep during the night. And since I've conducted a bit of research for my insomnia and for this blog I'm writing right at this very moment, I've learned that taking naps is not advisable because it can cause sleeping problems like the ones I've experienced. And based on that experience, I would then probably just say that naps are not good.

Here's a video for some other tips on how to beat insomnia.

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Well, I guess that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about insomnia. Feel free to check out my other blogs about my hobbies:

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Blogging has been one of my favorite pastimes and I think I've developed a positive habit. I plan on writing more about random kinds of stuff so I'd have more for my collections. Thanks for visiting.





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