How to become a virtual assistant and make a living from it

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How to become a virtual assistant and make a living from it

Hello, people of Bitlanders! Anyone can become a virtual assistant and make a living from it, I must confess Miss Hillary Summers has changed my views on what I can do in Bitlanders and other places online.

I have been earning for quite some time now on Bitlanders by creating blog content, posting pictures and uploading videos. These are moments I can’t get off my mind, as the more I work the better I become.

But times are changing, we are in the month of July now, it is time to step up my game before the years comes to an end.

To work as a virtual assistant, you get to experience the raw images behind the scene of virtual assistant movies.  The best part is, you get paid to become the managing editor/project manager, or solve a need for a client/ organization and have access to privileged information about companies/organization that can help you learn on the job.

If you are looking forward to becoming a virtual assistant and make a living in the process, now’s a perfect time, because there is Grace in helping people.

How to Become a virtual assistant

Our goals as humans have always been living comfortable and having money. In order to achieve these, we must pay the price.  When I launched my first blog, I literarily don’t know what I was doing.

The first blog became a failure and then comes naijahometins, also a failure, and the bills keep piling up! I started scouting for online gigs to pay my bills when I came across florainvestment. For the first couple of months, it was paying until; they evidently ran away with my money and thousands out there.


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The scouting continued, and I came across the name VA or Virtual Assistant, without even knowing, I was virtually assisting people and getting paid.

Who is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is self-employed individuals, they work from the comfort of their home, their office, or any place with internet connection in assisting clients, cooperate with organizations or even government parastatals to aid their business.

A virtual assistant can work from anywhere, do a variety of task, to a number of people/organizations at his/her comfort and get paid by the hour or monthly.


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As sad as it is for me to admit, the industry is growing at a fast and exponential rate.  Global intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) estimated in 2016 to be USD 1005.2 million with expected 36.7% growth, and the Latin America, Middle East and Africa Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market LAMEA size in Nigeria is projected with a CAGR of 38%  in 2023… what a waste of opportunity to Nigerian youths without jobs!

It’s truly an opportunity for Nigerians to key-in and make a career as virtual assistant, and be free from modern slavery of 7 to 8 jobs in the country.

Why business owners prefer to hire a virtual assistant?

Website owners, blog owners, business organizations among most spheres of work in the world will opt to hire a virtual assistant to help remotely with any problem they are facing at their business at a negotiated price.


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You can utilize your skills from website site management, blog management, to make a living for yourself.

How to land your first client

This is the scariest part of virtual assisting job description, you feel wide open unaware of where the blow will come from and from whom! Let the adrenaline rush take control, don’t stop it! Panicking is part of the job criteria for any newbie.


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Leverage your first client by getting paid for a skill you already know. This is based on experience, previous knowledge, latent energy, or expertise in a single field. If you are a Physicist,  an Accountant, a practising Lawyer, website Designer, whatsoever it is,  leverage on it and get paid.

VA service you can offer

Remember, you are leveraging on your experience or something you know how to do better. For any VA, there is an endless task you can carry out depending on your clients and area of expertise.

Some include:


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Social media marketing

Email management

Marketing and webinars

Guest blogging

Content creator

Editing and writing

Researching product and service

Writing products reviews

Whatever your client may ask of you, try and do a good job and smile to your bank. After all, we want to live comfortable and in good health.

How to position yourself

VA is all about positioning. What I mean by positioning,  is giving a client the right impression about your area of expertise by creating a website or portfolio for yourself.

An online portfolio looks like 


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you are doing this because you want to give a potential client a convincing view, impression and also satisfaction that will aid his decision making in hiring you.


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From the examples I have seen above, the following checklist is needed to convince your client

Who you are, what you offer and what you don’t

Past experience

Current and past client

Current rates (per hour or monthly charges for the task)

Testimonials from current and past client

Contact form.

Where can a VA find work?

 In trying to become a virtual assistant, you need to find the job first.  There are many companies willing to offer virtual assistant jobs, though the requirements for each company varies, they pay.

The following site may be of help when finding a VA job

Earnings as a VA

Earning as a virtual assistant actually varies and depends on the task given. As stipulated by it ranges from $20 to $65 per hours.

Payscale has a different view of how much you can earn.  The circumstances surround any job, and the difficulty level of the jobs description affect the payments.


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Never stop learning on the job!

Online business owners, blog owners,  virtual assistant and craftsmen, they all have one thing in common, they never stop learning on the job.

Stepping-in to virtual assisting and to become effective, efficient and proficient is to never stop learning on the job or in life general.

 On a conclusive note

Virtual assisting jobs are promising.  It is a rapidly growing industry with infinite promises of making money and living a comfortable life. Therefore we should not be blinded by the fact that there are factors mitigating this industry such as task, time of delivering the task and the internet connections.

We should always learn to evolve with the trending times to become relevant in times like this.

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