How to blur the background of the photo in Photoshop

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Many people like their photos to be the way a dslr's photo look, in which the background of the photo is blur. That is no big issue no because we have cell phones now which come with that apperture mode, phones like iphone5, samsung galaxies etc but there are people who do not have access to such phones so you guys can blur the background of the photo using photoshop.

Now it is very easy, just select the photos, go to your selection tool on the left, select the polygonal lasso tool and make your selection of the image that you want to be blur or you can do is select the object which you do not want to be blur and then right click after making the selection and click select inverse. Then go to the top menu of filter, go to blur and click blur, select the amount of blur you want in your photo press ok and there you go all done! 

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