How to choose the right backpack camp?

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Unfortunately, manufacturers of handbags do not take into account that sometimes the girl are vital things such as ice ax, sleeping bag and puff. And even a first aid kit, and 1000 are very important things. Therefore, the manufacturer of backpacks clearly in the black. I travel a lot, and my best friend and the truth has become a backpack. Since I have a lot and studied in detail the question, the experience accumulated quite a few. And today I would like to share findings and important criteria for novice travelers when choosing a backpack. Itself I know how difficult it is to choose the decent thing!

Let's start. My first trip was to Europe in the 5th grade, and then I took a suitcase - everything is done. After high school graduation trip to the beach with your friends, too, were with suitcases. But once in my life there was a first trip in a car already on the Altai, which is at least three days in the car. And besides me there is still 4 people and the trunk is not rubber. Then I was in the habit of stupidity and took a bag on wheels. A huge leather and terribly hard! Of course, all does not fit, and we went up and down in the bags. After that trip, I decided to learn how to clearly take with you only what you need! And no shoes, just in case! A few long trips to Russia by car and luggage decreased significantly and almost useless things did not turn out. But then Mr. case ordered so that the upcoming trip by train. From Altai to St Petersburg. This 3 days on the same train, change trains in Moscow and another night at the other. Then I somehow did not dare to go hiking with backpack and begged someone a bag that you can carry in their hands only. What is it was a mistake !! In winter, the frost on the pull station and the city turned out to bag a living hell.

With the bags after the torture was over and my life came the era of backpacks. Real, hiking, large and wildly comfortable.
In the first campaign I had a regular urban backpack with a minimum inside. Around my friends went with backpacks firm "Manaraga" volume of 100 liters and died in pain in the shoulders and backs. But there were still some friends, experienced hikers, with the same big backpacks company «Tatonka» and all of them were either in what and nothing hurt. Then I and my friend elicited from all the secrets of happiness in the campaign. It is not enough that he hikers, so he and his shop more equipment. It turned out that the backpacks are very different. As well as their prices. I had this picture.

Option cheap.
Just do the very Manaraga or any marching rucksack with a soft back. It should be cheap, up to 3000 rubles. If you pull out of it all fall like a sack, but if it is not correct to pack something will certainly be rested in the back. All weight will hang in your shoulders and by the end of the first day of the hand will fall off and hurt his shoulders wildly.

Option budget.
Backpacks such firms as «Splav», «Equipment". The cost of these backpacks from 4500 to 6000 rubles. This may also include a company Bask, but the price they are fighting, and the quality is not particularly benefit.
Back then already have many of my friends very well go with these backpacks. But unfortunately, our love to save money and material in these backpacks starts to die after 3 years of active use. And if you put too much weight, then your shoulders, too, will suffer. But for hikes once a year - this is a great option and hold will for a long time.

Option best.
But as in any industry among the backpacks also have their favorites and flagships. These are two of the company, the best in my opinion. Deuter and Tatonka. These backpacks are from 8000 rubles per backpack in volume of 60 liters, but the smaller size will cost less. They have an excellent and very thought-rigid back, a great seat belt neubivaemaya cloth raincoat case included. These backpacks are becoming increasingly popular among my many friends travelers.

I have the backpacks of both companies, but my back is better suited Deuter, so I have already two other of the company. My first backpack volume of this company was successful 32litra I went with him on short tracks and did not know sorrow, but in fact it is too small. So I started to choose the model more. I tried Tatonka + 45 liters. It is also easy to use, but I used it mainly for travel and hiking with him never went. Then again the choice fell on Deuter. air contact 65 + 10 model. And soon as the three years we had the best of friends and almost rasstaёmsya))) Do you know that there is buying a thing, and it sits like a glove. So with this backpack I had a same story. Very comfortable and roomy, very comfortable back and waist belt with a pocket. Large rain cover for all the trips never got wet. This backpack has withstood three voskhodzheniya Belukha, one to Mount Elbrus, and countless days in the campaigns in Russia and in Nepal. Now he travels with me to Tibet. Well, just trips and journeys had plenty. This model is really very convenient, and two of my friends just the same. And as far as I know they are happy))

The result of such.
The most important criterion when choosing a backpack - it's right back, which is suitable for you. And here it is necessary to choose only the most! Load the backpack in the store, like him, try everything. Because that's how it is impossible to select the image. I have a friend who drives for many years with an old backpack gear without rigid back and said recently: nafig these cool models, buy myself the same!

As for travel, the world does not think of anything more convenient backpack. You know how often it is necessary to get the documents. More often the phone. And how many wonderful images lost forever "because the hands are too lazy to get a suitcase and a camera." And, you can buy something to drink and even have Morozhenko))) and hugs with friends who you met. Hands-free is!

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