How to clear cache on Iphone

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How to clear cache on iPhone?

If you have purchased iphone because of it high performance and suddenly it gets slow then the reason may be its cache is occupying more memory space than you think. So in order to get back your iphone performance same as it was when you purchased brand new you have to make sure to clear cache on iphone very often. First of all we have to know main reason why cache is occupying memory space resulting in slow down of your iphone performance. Answer is most of applications you download on your iphone make use of cache to speed up their performance resulting in occupying more memory space finally ending up in slow down your iphone performance.

What is cache memory?

Cache memory is a type of random access memory (RAM) which is quickly accessed by your mobile processor to speed up its performance placed on separate chip connected with separate bus interconnect with you iphone processor. Thus your iphone processor speeds up its performance making use of this cache memory. But the problem arises when many application using this cache memory to speed up their performance.

Interesting thing about iphone application is that they make use of cache memory to speed up their own performance but never harm application itself. When application is used on iphone it uses cache memory to make record of recently visited sites to speed up application resulting in consuming more cache memory.

How to clear Cache Memory?

Hence we have to clear this cache memory to make your iphone works faster. Here we are going to give you some tips which would really help you to clear this cache memory increasing the performance of your iphone.

·       Go to each application installed on your iphone and in settings try to clear web history and clear cache memory this may be one of useful technique to increase your iphone performance.

·       Go to application store and download battery doctor (free) application. Once download is finished install application (battery doctor) on your iphone. When you open any application you will find option clear cache memory press on to it in order to clear cache memory.

Follow the same for each application and see the result. Definitely it will increase your iphone performance. If you are browsing lot of applications using iphone that means you are creating a lot of junk files resulting in loss of a lot of memory space hence your iphone performance decreases which worries you a lot. No need to worry at all using application battery doctor you can clear this junk file. But you have to keep in mind to clear this junk file at least every day.

·       One more application  known as cache cleaner is available free of cost which can be downloaded for application store after installing this application  run this application to clear cache memory. You will fill lot of improvement in performance of your iphone.

·        On more Software available in market to clean your cache memory is phone clean.

Do not try to install all the software’s explained above but select any one which you find best and get your cache memory cleaned.

Once you will clear this cache memory every time you open an application it utilizes this cache memory increasing its performance.

·       Go to application store of your iphone

·       Type the software name you want to download

·       For example you want to download battery doctor.

·       Type the name battery doctor in search column of application store.

·       Click search tool.

·       Check for appropriate software.

·       Do not forget se see the file size of software to be downloaded.

·       Check for availability of free space.

·       Check compatibility of software with your iphone os system.

·       Once everything is confirm start downloading software.

·       Install software.

·       Once software is installed check for available option.

·       Everything is done then you can easily clear unwanted cache memory.

If you are storing a lot of data on your iphone try to increase memory space by adding more space.

Remember key logic is delete excess cache memory and all unwanted files which consume lot of memory space causing your iphone to slow down.

Apart from this always try to clear web history and also temporary files which consume lot of cache memory.

Note that not all application can optimize their performance at the same time as cache memory is limited but all application try to make use of cache memory to speed up their performance which will not affect that particular application but occupies a lot of cache memory affecting speed of your iphone. Hence every time you visit an application make sure to clear its web history. Once you visit other application it will find some free space on cache memory and help to optimize its speed.


More free space on cache memory helps your iphone to speed its performance.

Also try to change cache memory cleaning software in regular intervals.

If you follow the above said tips definitely you iphone will improve its performance.

In next topic we will explain you how to maintain cache memory for optimum performance of your iphone.  Key logic is that more free space you have in your cache memory and regularly if you remove temporary files and partly downloaded file you will find your iphone performance good.








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