How To Drive A Car - A Beginners Guide

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How To Drive A Car - A Beginners Guide



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✔     Introduction



Dear Friends, I hope you are doing fine. Today, I have come up with my another new Blog with the title of "How To Drive A Car - A Beginners Guide".  In this modern world, everybody wants to have and drive a car.  This is no more a luxury now in the fast-paced life nowadays.  Here in this blog, I shall describe all the theory related to Driving a car.  I shall try to keep it simple in order to make it more understandable for beginners who have not yet driven a car.  In this blog I shall focus on a left hand manual car instead of automatic car because it will be a good idea for a beginner to learn driving on a manual car.  If you have driven the motorcycle or bike then it will be somewhat easier for you to drive a car because you must have made some road sense in your mind.  For manual car and motorcycle, the driving mechanism is very much the same which you will realize later in this blog.  Some people are afraid to drive; therefore, they must get rid of this feeling and be confident.  So, let's begin all the theory behind driving a car.  I shall teach all the beginners out there with step by step information in order to make it easy for them.  I hope you are going to like this one.



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✔     Check Car's Surroundings



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Yes my friends, the first lesson to drive a car starts from outside the car before entering it.  First of all, check the surroundings of the car where it is parked, check if there are cars around.  Check all the tires and the air pressure.  If the car is parked on the main road then keep an eye on other cars moving around you.  Clean the front and back mirror of the car if there is need to do so.  If everything is ok, then you can start the next process and that is to sit in the car and become used to of the cars functions and atmosphere before starting it.



✔     Sit In The Car



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✔     Get To Know The Gear System


Having entered the car, now relax and try to become normal and see the car's atmosphere inside and feel it.  Check all the mirrors first, make sure the side mirrors are properly set.  To set the left side view mirror, lean your head to the left side until it touches the left door's mirror and adjust the mirror in such a way that it shows the edge of the back-left side of your car.  Now, for right side view mirror, lean your head to right just in front of the back-view mirror, your head will be right in middle of the car and make sure that right side view mirror is showing the edge of the back-right side of your car.  Now, make sure that car gear is in neutral position, to check this, if the gear of the car is moving sideways (left and right), then it is in neutral mode.



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✔     Get To Know The Pedals



See where your feet are, you will see three pedals also known as Car Controls, the on the extreme left is gear, in the middle it is brake, and on the extreme right, it is acceleration or race.  Practice on them by pressing them, the idea is to press gear and then move the car's gear into 1st gear where "1" is written on the Gear Stick.  Now, again press the clutch and return to neutral gear position.  The mechanism of car driving is such that you start the car, press the gear and move the gear into 1st position, then you accelerate a bit and then again press the clutch and move the gear into 2nd gear and so on.  When you have to stop, just press the brake steadily and then also press the clutch of the car.  You must remind these steps again and again into your mind before doing the practical.  Confidence is the key so therefore, try to be calm as much as possible.  One golden rule, if you just get confused while driving the car, and don't know what to do, just apply brake.  It is better to apply brake instead of doing anything else. Therefore, memorize it where the brake is and always remember that "It is more important to know how to apply brake than knowing how to give acceleration to the car".




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✔     Start The Car 



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Now, press the clutch with your left foot and brake with your right foot and keep your feet there.  Put the key into the ignition and press it towards front of the car to start it.  When the car starts, first of all, just calm down.  Now, put the car's gear into 1st gear position and put your right foot on the acceleration and slowly give the acceleration with your right foot till the RPM meter in front of you shows 1500 to 2000 RPMs.  Always remember where your feet are, you must move your feet with caution.  Now, slowly release all the pressure on the clutch with your left foot till the car starts to move.  Having done that, now keep you left foot on resting position and be ready to apply gear with this foot whenever there is need to do so.  Thereafter, as long as car is moving slowly, remember the golden rule that it is always better to know how to apply brake than knowing how to give acceleration.  Slowly move the car until you become normal with it.  Now, to stop the car, just remove your right foot from the acceleration and put it on the brake and press steadily to apply the brake and with your left foot, press the clutch completely in order to keep the vehicle in "ON" status.



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Now, if you have to learn how to reverse that car.  Then, press the clutch and put the gear into Reverse "R" position.  Before, moving the car, make sure that there are no other vehicles or persons around your car and also check all your mirrors (see left, right and back) and slowly release the clutch, even if you do not apply acceleration, car will still move backwards, as a beginner, it is best not to press acceleration when reversing the car.  If you have to turn towards left while going reverse, just rotate the steering to left, and if you have to turn right while reversing then rotate the steering to your right side.






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✔     Congratulations!


Now, you have received all the necessary lessons in terms of driving the car.  




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✔     Conclusion



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Driving is a fun and the sooner you get used to it, the better.  Driving is now a mandatory requirement if you want to excel in your life.  While doing job, if you have driving license and know how to driver, then your value increases in the company.  Therefore, it is very important to learn driving.  As I mentioned earlier, it is no more now a luxury to know how to drive a car, in fact, now it is more like a requirement and necessity.  One must abide by the rules and always follow country's driving rules on the roads in order to be safe and to provide safer environment to other drivers as well.   For a beginner, confidence is very important and therefore, practice and confidence make the man perfect.  Always maintain safer speed and abide by speed limits on the roads.  If you remain within speed limits then you are following the rule and also making your car more fuel efficient. It is always a good idea to adopt Defensive Driving instead of harsh driving and beware of other drivers around you because you have to stay safe and avoid your car damages if other drivers are making mistakes on the road.




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