How to establish good writing habits in your BLOGS!!

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All of us like to post new blogs every now and then thinking that we will get more and more BUZZ for our blogs which will increase the revenue. And in doing so we often start copy pasting contents from other sources. As a result we land up in rejection of our blogs and resulting in a sharp fall in our BUZZ score and our revenue:)

When you are writing frequently, it becomes important to establish good writing habits. This will help you improve your writing and become more productive. We should always concentrate to write on topics we love and feel comfortable rather than writing on topics we feel will get more BUZZ.

Below are few of the skills we should deploy while writing a blog:

Every topic you cover should be researched thoroughly. This will improve the quality of your content and ensure that the arguments you put forward are strong. It is always important to to have a thorough knowledge of your content.

Taking notes is another essential part of blogging. Take notes everyday so that good ideas are never lost.

Bookmark any tools and services that you use to aid to your writing. This will save you lot of time and effort.

And finally, always cite sources if possible. The credibility of your blog will be higher if you cite sources that helped in crafting your views.

I hope the above points will help you in establish good writing habits and as a result improve the quality of your blogs. Please share your comments and feedback so that even I can improve on my writing skills.


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