How to find a job?

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How to find a job?

1   if you are about to launch a search for a job, the seggustions i offer here can help you, whether or not you have a high school or college diploma whether you are just starting out or changing your job or career in midstream.

what do i want to do?

2   before you try to find a job opening, you have to answer the hardest question of your working life:" what do i want to do?" here is a good way. your are list might include being head of a fund- raising campaign or acting a jauicy role in the senior play.

3   study the list. you will see a pattren emerge of the things you do best and like to do best. you might discover that you are happiest working with people or maybe with numbers, or words. whatever it is. you will see it. once you have decided what job area to go after, read more about it in the reference section of your library."talk shop" with any people you know in that field. then start to get your resume together.

writing a resume

4    there are many good books at the offer sample resumes and describe widely used formats. the one that is still most popular, the reverse chonological, emphasizes where you worked and the jobs and titles you held.

5   your name and address go at the top and also your phone number. what job do you want? thats what  prospective employer looks for first if you know exactly, list that next under job objective. otherwise, save it for your cover letter (I describe that letter) when you are writing for a specific person . in any case, make sure your resume focuses on the kind of work you can do and want to do.

6   Now comes work experience. Heres where you list your qualifications. lead with your most important credentials. if you have had a distinguished work history in an area related to the job you are seeking, lead off with that. if your education will impress the prospective employer more, start with that. begin with your most  resent experience first and work backwards. include your titles or positions held and list the years.

   figures don't brag

7    the most qualified people do not always get the job. it goes to the person who presents himself most persuasively in person and on paper. so do not just list where you were and what you did. this is our chance to tell how well you did. where you the best salesman? Did you cut operating costs? Give numbers, statistics, percentages, increases in sales or profits.


8   No job experiences?

To be continued..........

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