How to find the perfect match?

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We all believe or at least heard about that dictation: '' The opposites are attracted. '' However, this is not always true, some guys from the regions of São Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil confirmed that some differences matter, but not all of them. If you are LGBT, will be the same.

  1. Boys pay attention to girls when it comes to a serious relationship. They believe that if both are not in the same tune, one will end up getting tired of the other and the dating will be broken. 
  2. Be different is not so bad. Besides, if you are very much like your partner it may sound predictable. Staying with someone who has different style is even a way to meet new band groups, books and ideas.
  3. If your pair is very different, before you start a more serious relationship, think about whether you are really willing to deal with someone who does not think like you. Starting wanting to change his personality is not cool. Finding that your crush will change for you is a big mistake. They hate it and each one has to adapt with other. Expecting him to change radically only shows that he is not who you are looking for.
  4. Boys hate when the difference is taste for parties. If he likes going out and you don't, it's a big problem for your relationship. Thinking alike to enjoy parties without a fight or respect the style of each other is the ideal girl they are looking for. Why not try? It is always good to be open to new experiences, maybe you will discover that you like it too.
  5. Don't be who you are not to impress the boy. Leave your opinions aside and avoid a fight. The perfect crush is one that will like you for what you are and not for what you are not.
  6. In a relationship, when one or the other does not seem to be the person you admired at first, it can be a problem. But problems have solutions and here, each one must talk face-to-face to understand such a reason. Note whether each one explains why he or she is not enjoying any attitude and whether it is he or she who disagrees with it.

Here are 4 tips of what each speech means when leaving your partner's mouth. Don't understand wrong.

'' I want to hear that song you like.''

What do they mean? I want to know more about your music style.

''What do you prefer?''

What do they mean? I want to make you happy.

''I think I won't like it.''

What do they mean? I don't know if I agree with our difference.

''Oh, I think I won't go with you. I'm too busy.''

What do they mean? I don't like the idea.

''You seem to be really nice. Maybe we will bump each other around.''

What do they mean? I didn't like you. I think you are not my perfect match.


If you follow these tips, you won't miss your relationship. 

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