How to Forget the Pain of the Past

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Everybody has an experience that he doesn’t want to remember. Some people are good at handling the pain of this experience, but some are not.  Memories, whether it is good or bad, they can resurface at anytime. The pain, brought by these memories, makes moving on seems difficult. How to forget the pain of the past and start moving on?


Time heals everything.

Try to remember the bad experiences you had when you were just a kid. For example, the time when your teacher embarrassed you in front of the class. During that time, you might find that the experience was painful, but as you recall it for now, you might find that this is not as painful as it was before.

Keep yourself busy.

Psychologists say that the general remedy for depression is by keeping oneself busy.  The mind wanders when a person is idle. Because of this, good and bad memories tend to resurface. Some of these memories are the ones that you want to forget. To keep these thoughts from resurfacing, it is recommended to keep oneself busy. By doing it, there will be a lesser chance for the brain to recall the bad memories.

Don’t get involved with the objects, persons or places that cause the bad experience.

This is recommended for those people who have just undergone a bad experience, in which their pain was still fresh and raw. However, as the time flies, it is important to remember that this is not the real solution to the problem. Nobody can hide from it forever. That is why, at some point of your life, you have to face the pain of the past so you can really move on.

Forgive yourself

This is the most effective thing to do to lessen the pain brought by the bad experience. To start with, you might want to apologize to those people who you might have wronged with.  After that, create a goal for yourself. You can still use the time in the present and in the future to work towards your goal.  

Life is too short to live in the memories of the past. It is only in the present time where you can do something to heal from it. Bad memories are always there. It is always there, ready to resurface anytime. What’s important, is the way you handle the pain and how wisely you spend your time avoiding or facing it. 

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