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Jack Tew and Sorcha Anglim contacted me not long ago to preview their latest film and give 'honest feedback'.

HONEST FEEDBACK they demanded!

I did my best! But what I've come to discover since being a filmmaker is that I naturally seem to over analyse to the point where I don't feel like your average audience member. Picking out any 'honest' subconscious affects becomes cloudy  - I call it the curse of 3 years studying film - and now when giving feedback I struggle to determine as to whether it's my head giving an opinion or my heart.

SO I've come up with a crafty trick for obtaining the most honest feedback possible…

Setting up my webcam I secretly filmed a family relative unknown to both Jack and Sorcha as he watched their short film. I asked him questions in particular and let him talk as freely as he wanted. 

The underlying beauty of this crafty trick was literally watching the emotional roller play out on his face!

Here's some snapshots...

So you ever need some raw feedback….be crafty about it!

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I make short films for a hobby! Despite 7 years studying towards a professional career in the medium I have found freedom of film-making and self expression doesn't come with a pay check...I have a huge interest in Youth/Community development that I like to blog, photograph and film :)

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