How to get into Soccer?

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Soccer or football has beecome a world wide recogzined sport in todays era. Nowadays, even though our country’s national sport is not Football but our young generation has an ultimate love towards it. Its a matter of fact that every child knows atleast about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the two star players of this glamorous sport. They are ruling the game. Everyone, be it a football fan or not, knows about these 2 athletes. What made them this famous is their dedication and love towards the game.

As the youth’s interest in football is rising rapidly and the sport is taking all over the world, I would like to share some of the tips for the beginners. It will help them progress and if they are seeing the game as their career, this will give you a kick start. Read the instructions below.

First and foremost, start by a football in your feet. Keep playing alone till you have a good control over the ball. Run with the ball. Try to keep the ball in your feet. It should not go far away as ypu touch it while running. Practice stoping the ball while it is rolling in speed towards you such that it should stop right at your feet. No bouncing back! Now this part requires a lot of effort. Once you master the ball control, you are able to play with a team.

Now comes the second part which is easier than the ball control, but still tough for the beginners. What you need to know about your shoot is 1) How much power is required to shoot a ball to a specific distance? 2) Where to shoot it? The angle ofcourse. Keep practicing on a Goal post and when you do it regularly, you will be shooting accurately very soon.

Now many of the youngsters play a very beautiful football individual but when they are asked to play in a team, they don’t work. The basic reason is the_“LACK OF CHEMISTRY”_ . They have practiced very well alone but never contributed in a team play which makes this sport look attractive. The critical passing between the team mates is the back-bone of the game. For improving your team play, you need to play matches more often. Do not only focus on yourself while playing, you have 11 other mates to look to. Pass a lot and get yourself in the team. So that the athletes playing with you can cope. If you are too fast and the team is slow, you need to get slow. Its stupid to ask them to speed up. Play with different teams and get to know what chemistry is.

This is the additional tool for those who want to play in attacking position -MIDFIELDERS or ATTACKERS. Well, dribbling is not restricted to the offense, the defensive players can also get hold on it if they keep looking for new tricks and use them in the game.

Now the most critical part is to analyze what position suits you best? Football have 3 main categories. The Offense , The Mid-field and the last one is Defense.Whatever fits you right, go fot it. If you are a sprinter, you can play as a winger either defence or attack.

These are a few tips to get started into Soccer. Once you get hold on these practically, you gates will be opened and all you will be looking for is that oneoppurtunity to start off your career.

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