How to Get Over a Bad Day

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"Hey buddy! Are you having a bad day?"


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Everyone experiences bad days. From heavy traffic to getting fired from his job, failing the job interview, failing an audition, rejected by his crush, dreams getting crushed, getting broke, broken up by his partner, insulted by his customer, degraded by his own boss, and facing any other unpleasant events, these things can affect the next happy seconds of your life. But what if I tell you that YOU CAN get over them? Yes, YOU can. It's just a matter of analyzing things, cooling down, and thinking on what you can do because your future depends on how you handle them. So if you're one of those folks who've just had a bad day, follow these steps on how to manage it:

Step #1: Confront the Problem


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We are humans so we are prone to having problems. The moment we face one, let's accept that it's there. This is the first step to solving a problem, by recognizing it. However, it is also natural for us to deny our problems at first because we always want something easy way around but life isn't always like that. Instead, it gives us hardships so yes, denying a problem is fine at first but we shouldn't do it for too long. We should never allow our problems to consume us and they must only be there to hurt us but not to destroy us. Instead, it should also make us stronger. Once again, the first step to facing the problem is to acknowledge it.

Step #2: Reflect


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Reflect on how you're going to solve your problems but never allow yourself to get lost in middle of the process. Think what went wrong, why your problems occurred, what you should have done to prevent them, and things like that. You'll be more emotionally ready if the same situation happens again in the future. As what  Penelope Douglas have said....

"Experience is the best teacher.".

*Yes, this is true! Life will teach you things that you haven't learned at school and they will remain in your mind forever.


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Step #3: Choose Someone to Confide Your Problems to


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Carefully choose someone to confide your problems to. Not all people who listen to your problems are concerned about you. Some only do because they want to spread some rumors. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CONCERNED AT YOU. They are like fake 'angels' in disguise. Don't be fooled! Additionally, just because some people look 'nice', that doesn't also mean that they can keep your 'secret' forever. They might trust other people more than you so when you tell them to keep your 'secret', they will still tell it to their 'friends'. Some do assure you that they're not telling anyone but on the next day, everyone already knows your secret.

*Everybody has a good side and a bad side. You just need to choose those people who choose their good side:


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Confide to someone who is serious with his relationship with you. Maybe a real friend tested by time or someone who doesn't 'make fun' of you. Be particular and picky when choosing this person. And if you're also lucky, time will tell who this person will be.

*How to know if someone is your 'friend' or not?:

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Step #4: Give Yourself a Nice Treat.

*One of my favorite treats is ice cream. How about you? What is your favorite treat?


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It won't be bad to do so after having a stressful day to relieve yourself from stress. However, going to an expensive restaurant may not be necessary. Buying your favorite snacks from the vending machine or a local convenience store can do. This won't erase a bad day but at least it can ease the pain. Besides just imagine, you've had a rough day but you can't eat your favorite food? Isn't it too much to bear? Right? Please do it so you won't feel too bad about yourself!

Step #5: Do the Things You Love


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We are talking about your hobbies. Maybe drawing? Singing? Dancing? Writing? Watching your favorite TV shows and the rest, or blogging if it's applicable on you! Doing your hobbies can help you to get distracted and focus on something more empowering. Your time also becomes more productive instead of just spacing out. This makes you feel good about yourself because it neutralizes the negative feeling. If it becomes successful, you'll also be able to sleep smoothly. When you wake up, voila! It's a new day and a new beginning! : )

Step #6: Keep a Record of Your Strengths and Achievements


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This is connected to Step #5. If you are good in performing arts, you should probably record your performance through video or audio and save it which can become so handy when having a rough day. You only need to see/listen to the recording and then you'll feel that you're not actually the unluckiest person in the world. It's just a bad day reminding you that your struggle comes to pass. This isn't only limited to performing arts but also to other life achievements. The point is wherever you're good at, keep a memorabilia of it to have yourself something to look back.

Step #7: Be Positive about Tomorrow

*Be positive and say, "Let's go!".


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Tomorrow is another day so it's a new chance to start afresh. On the day before tomorrow, promise yourself to be a better person. If your bad day was caused by your own fault, promise yourself to avoid committing the same mistake you had. If your bad day was caused by other people or unavoidable circumstances, promise yourself that it should never take control of your life ever again and that you'll know what to do the next time it happens to you.

*Here are the other tips you should do:

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*So these are my tips on how to get over a bad day. Sweet dreams and have a great day!

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