How to have a BitCoin Wallet?

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After having a #BitLanders Account, you must have a BitCoin Wallet that being used to hold all your BitCoins. I recommend is the

First, go to

Second, click "Sign up"

Third, fill up all the required fields (Email, Password), you must have a valid Email address for the verification of your account, you also must agreed to the Terms of Service of Coins.PH

Fourth, After you verify your email address and have a successful registration, you will need to get your BitCoin Wallet Address that being assigned to you by Coins.PH. To get the BitCoin Wallet Address, click "Receive Bitcoin" the can be found to your Wallet.

Fourth, click the "Copy" button

Sixth, After you click the copied your Bitcoin Wallet Address (you will notice the green check, means you successfully copied your Bitcoin Wallet Address), you need to paste it to your #BitLanders Account by clicking the "Preferences" that can be found in the "Settings" button

Lastly, you will need to paste it to your "Payment Info" field that can be found to your "Preferences". And after pasting your Bitcoin Wallet Address, click "Save Changes".


NOTE : Bitcoin Wallet Address is an alphanumeric address and being assigned by Coins.PH and its not allowed to share to anyone.


Credits to : Coins.PH, BitLanders

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