How to have a fruitful life.

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How to have a fruitful life. 

In your life, we must learn how to forgive, to have a life time.In today's age, people do not think anything other than taking from others.Taking from others is not a word, it is like an ocean, and the ocean will forgive us, we must try to move so that we have a working life.But the people want their demands to be met first. Some sites, for example: Someone came to me and told me she does not have a good attitude and she told me I was never kinder and perhaps because of his lack of warm blood. In fact both of them loved each other very much, but these are waiting for one of them to leave soon step forward to give signs of their loved.





What is the relationship and how long it will last long? 

Every relationship is a mystery, which is the first step to forgiveness from your side, and then you can continue your generosity.Do not wait forever, if you want your book account so you can think the game was over, for example, you say: I picked up the first step, now it's your turn.It is then your game is over.We must all join hands, we can grow a seed that can grow further strengthen it, we got it achieves.But if you go to the ground and tell him to give me what fruit, what do you think will happen. (The answer is probably hear) I think you are confused, or perhaps a newcomer. This is not a way to reap the fruits. You will explain later, will say that the first step should be applied to the seed, and the care. As the water whenever he can, make fertilizer, to be strengthened. After these things can make the call, after this you can see that the demand for fruit. But this does not alter anything, life is like a fruit.




You can earn a lot of money, corporations, land, or kingdoms of force to get to work and do their own sake. The things you do for yourself. Does not, then you'll never have the real power, the real power and real cannot find.As well as to just hand you do not get to work because you will fall. Humans are never what they are, but never do those things that are. His ability to have what they want.

write: Anoosh barakzai 

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