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7. Remember your course in a lively way

It is true and many time happen mostly students take a lot of time but at the end result is not that much good as much they are studying the reason is all because of the just reading again and again. In this way the students might what they have right memorized. So the best way is do focus your mind very actively and bring the study practically. In this way it makes you interested with study along with much information. If you are memorizing an important dates, incidents or any history etc than cram it loudly for a few minutes.   Abruptly, try to revise in your mind when you just left your books.  


8. Revise you lecture at the exact time

If you are first with your study and assignments than it takes time less and make you more accessible with good way. If you do your study near to exams time then it makes you just pass not your positions.  Either you can’t be a superb knowledgeable.



9. Highlight the important topics


Highlight the word which looks important to you and go through the idea while along using marker and other kind of accessories like highlighter, pencil, marker, colour etc. This is the way you can gives important in a side which makes you easy to study along with important points always gives you point in your mind.


10. Never purchase highlighted and underlined book

Study along with pencil and highlighter is the best way of study. As like you gives important to any sentence which looks important to you that make you cram in your mind. The ways you are marking the important and great idea .you are giving value to your study which maintain you to study.


The tips come to end hope to gain much while revising this all tips daily.

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