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Since I went back blogging here, I often come across new people who are asking how to earn in BitLanders. There are also those who, after a couple of days or weeks of buzzing and commenting on other's posts, wonder why they seem to not be earning considerable amount of money.

Who can blame them? In all honesty, we all came here in the hopes of earning some extra income. Without it, I doubt many people will stick around the website.


BitLanders and Hillary - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

So, how do a blogger really earn in BitLanders? Before fully answering that, let me first make a quick introduction of who I am, to make it clear that I am not part of the management team. I don't also think of myself as a top earner, more so a fine blogger.

✪ JustAGirl and BitLanders ✪

I joined BitLanders about two years ago. If I am not mistaken, this is the second time I joined, with the first account I had completely deactivated. At that time, the site still offered remuneration in form of bitcoins.

I stopped using my first account after finding it hard and slow to earn up bitcoins. Then, after sometime, with my online friends persistent persuasion, I joined again for the second time. This time, the site no longer accepted bitcoin conversion as mode of payout but PayPal and Payza funds.


JustAGirl Profile - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

It was a good time back then making blogs, movies and galleries. Then I got into a full-time job which really took most of my time in a week. I couldn't even barely visit the site, and so I stopped.

Then, just about a month ago, I revisted the site again, and to my surprise, BitLanders has improved so much! There are a couple of changes in how the site works. Plus, the earnings have perked up!

I have been blogging since I went back and so far, I have earned at least a hundred dollars excluding my purchases of gems and wardrobes. In this blog, I am aiming to share to the new ones how they can improve their earnings by simply submitting quality blogs and other mini tasks.


Buzz Score Trend - Photo Credit: JustAGirl 

✪ Submit Blogs for Content Review ✪

This is, without a doubt, the best way to increase your earnings. When we create blog posts, it must be submitted for content review to be rated by Hillary. Once Hillary is done and your blog gets whatever star rating, it will be added in the calculation of buzz score. Once buzz score moves up, your earnings will also increase along with it.

It is important to note that submitting a blog for content review is not free. Every user has three free submissions as courtesy, after which any succeeding submissions will require 10 gems each blog. Before, everyone can submit blogs without being rated for free. But they imposed a new rule that all blogs must be submitted for review and rating with corresponding cost before it gets posted on the website.

Content Review - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

Another important thing to remember is to watch out for the quality of blogs submitted. Why? Because if you spend 10 gems on submitting a blog, which is equivalent to about 3$, and you only get one or two stars in rating, chances are it won't be worth your effort.

Here, let me give you some quick tips in creating a blog for content review. I just want to be clear. I have not even received a five-star rating yet since I came back a month ago, but I was able to get four-star rated blogs. I can assure you this score is common and enough to already increase your buzz score and ratings.

In content review, Hillary assesses five points of the blog submitted. Here they are:

Quality Content - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

1. Quality

First thing to consider to make sure your blog is of good quality is to create a good title. Make sure it is catchy and represents the content of your blog. In terms of the content, it must be original or else you will be penalized for plagiarism. Aside from that, it must be well-written, free of grammatical errors, and with substance.

2. Length

Hillary is not up for very long blogs. She doesn't want very short posts as well. Make sure that when you create the content, it should not be less than 300 words or it will be automatically disqualified. According to Micky, the lenght should be at least 5-7 paragraphs with videos and photos.

I personally write longer than this. On average, my blogs are at least 20 paragraphs in total but are broken down into sections for readability.

3. Language

Hillary also assesses the language used in the blog. She prefers simple writing style but effective. It should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Oh, make sure to use proper punctuation marks, too!

Tags - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

4. Tags

Choosing the right tags for your blog can really be tricky and difficult. But as a guide, you should at least choose five generic or general tags about your blog, and the other five must be specific to the topic you are writing about. You can actually include below ten tags but I highly recommend for you to utilize the maximum number of tags allowed.

5. Presentation

This point has always been a markdown in my ratings. I felt like I could not really give a tip based on experience. But as what Micky recommended, presentation of the blog must be improved by using good quality photos and videos with proper citation of sources. Readability must also be taken into consideration by using at least two paragraph headings in the content. Bold, Italics and Underlines must also be used properly.

Content Rating - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

Like what I mentioned, I do not know the right formula in getting five-star rating since I barely get one. I think I had a year ago, before I stopped. But since I came back a month ago, the highest rating I got so far is four stars. Kindly check Micky's post on how blogs are rated for better guide.

✪ Blog for BitLanders Film Series to Support Women ✪ Empowerment

Just an additional information for everyone, Micky posts a blogs which includes topics to blog about to get additional bonus rewards. Many top bloggers follow what they call as the BitLanders Film Series which aims to support women empowerment. Every blog submitted will have higher buzz bonus and gems.

Querlo Chat: "Do you support women's empowerment?"

Querlo Chat: "What kind of movies do you like?"

The promotional series only runs for a specific period of time. All the mechanics to it is included and stated in the blog post of Micky. Just click in the link for the newest batch which runs from Nov 19 to Dec 02, 2018.

✪ Completing Daily Quests ✪

It is also very important to consider not missing the daily quests. There are four of them – reading blogswatching videossubmitting a blog, and referring a friend to BitLanders. By completing each of these, users get additional power-ups that will contribute to the calculation of their buzz score at the end of the day.


Watch Videos (1 and 2) and be Rewarded - Video Credits: NATOChannel 

I would like to point this out since most of us tend to get busy in a day and missed on doing the daily quests. Although available every time, please note that the quests refresh daily at about past 12NN Philippine time. I would be such a waste not to complete them before the time runs out. Also, I advise to have it completed before the daily earnings chest appears at around 7PM Philippine time.

✪ Claiming Daily Earnings ✪

It is also very important to not miss claiming your daily earnings. Once unclaimed for the day, it will not be added onto your all-time revenues and you will just lose the money for that day. There is also a high chance that your buzz score will go down when you missed claiming the daily chest.


Daily Earnings - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

✪ Interacting, Buzzing and Subscribing ✪

Lastly, but definitely not the least, remember that interacting with other members by subscribing to them, buzzing and commenting on their contents will help improve our buzz score and so our earnings. Some users, including myself, tend to only leave sticker comments on most posts. Nothing really wrong with that, but if I find the post really interesting and I have something to say in words, I make sure to leave my feedback.

In terms of subscribing, you might find other members not subscribing back at you. Sometimes, it really happens. In my case, I really filter members I subscribe to. Either I subscribe to those who posts rated blogs and movies, or those who are really very active when it comes to interacting with other members. I utilize the notifications section in looking for the active members in BitLanders.


Leaderboard - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

If you need references, you may visit the leaderboard and check the rated blogs posted by our top earners! You may also check some of my blogs below.

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Hillary Summers - Photo Credit: JustAGirl

I hope I was able to give you some tips with this blog. If you are new and have any questions with the website, do not hesitate to leave a message and I will try my best to respond. Thank you for reading my post!

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