How to increase your buzz score?

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Today I am going to share with you all some tips on how to increase your buzz score, the tips which I am going to give you today is totally based on my personal experience which I had blogging in Film Annex for around 5 months, hope these tips helps you all.

Create Original content : If you have been active 7 days in Film Annex, you will get to know that simply copy pasting contents from other blogs will not lead you anywhere in Film Annex, you need to publish original content. You don’t have to have a great academic background to do so, you can start sharing the most basic things that you do everyday, or if you travel a lot you can share you journeys with all of us here or if you have a particular hobby, you can share that too. You can share your pictures, just as many of us do in facebook. When talking about videos, you can share the most amateur videos that you have taken at anypoint in your life.

Create Quality content : Film Annex loves original content for which it rewards its users with increased buzzscore but it rewards more for Quality content, by quality content Film Annex tries to emphasize that your content should be viewed, Buzzed and Shared by as many users as possible, the higher the number the more steady is the increase of your buzzscore.

Post your content on regular intervals : It may happen with you, that you publish new, original and quality content but yet still your buzz score is going down because you are not posting your content on a regular basis, maybe you are posting a content, in one week and the next after 2 weeks. So be regular, I would suggest that you post a blog or video or photo album at least twice or thrice a week.

Be active : If you think posting your content on regular basis will only help you to increase your buzzscore, you are partially correct, you need to be active as well, you need to see, buzz, share and comment on others content as well. After all Film Annex is also a social networking site, so the main motto is be active. So, common don’t be so selfish to go through your own content only, share and buzz others content as well.

Get subscribers : Another important thing is subscribers, which I think counts for 10% of your buzzscore. The more subscribers you get, the more it helps you to gain your buzzscore. I think the question is coming to your mind, how to get more subscribers right? Its simple as I said before, publish new and original content frequently and be active.

Focus on linkedIn : I would suggest you share your contents on linkedIn more, create a big list of connections in LinkedIn and share there, it will attract a lot of people and your page will get many hits so resulting your increase in buzzscore.

Promotion of your content : Promote your content, simply publishing your content won’t help you at times, the more you promote in different social networking sites, the more hits and buzz it will get and more people will share your content which all helps in increasing your buzzscore.

Hope these tips helps you to understand and increase your buzzscore.


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