How to Look Handsome (Boys)

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1- Be confident. Nothing—not bone structure, not a haircut, not even sensible shoes—will do more for how you are perceived than exuding a sense of self-confidence. Cultivate it, work to achieve it, and follow the steps in this section to build it. Just be aware that it can't be faked—it has to come from the inside.


2 - Stand-up straight. Hunching over can not only cause back problems but makes you look as if you have no self-confidence. Sit-up straight too, for the same reasons.


3 - Smile. Smiling will make you appear happy. confident, and outgoing. It will also keep you from looking tired and in despair.


4 - Look people in the eye. It's only polite when talking to someone to look them in the eye. Don't stare—look at different parts of their face occasionally, but beyond that, maintaining good eye contact will show confidence and self-assuredness on your end.

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