How to Lose Weight and Feel Awesome

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If you are children in 90's, you know how important eating proper diet because in that years, we are blessed with full of fruits and vegetables and we are train to eat those foods unlike these days that almost of the food is mixed with chemicals not fresh, more on cholesterol and calories like meat, junk foods, chocolates and etc. It is also present in the year 90's but we got controlled because we are afraid to be called fat and even gaining too much weight. 

I won't deny that during my childhood days, I am absolutely overweight. Why? It is because I can get what I want and I can eat what I want. My parents really spoiled on foods and not with things that's why I am an overweight child. Some like me and some don't because of being overweight, having big belly and it is moving when I am walking. Many laugh but I don't even care. I love my life, I love myself very much but there are times that I feel the frustrations on my weight, on my being overweight, on my big belly and like jumping when I'm walking. 

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It's so difficult during my time of frustrations instead of lack of food intake, I never controlled myself in eating because its my way of releasing my frustrations and depressions so instead of losing weight, it is gaining too much.

So, when I come to college due to mental depression and stressful activities, my food intake is still the same volume but the different is I am losing weight because my mind is always working. Just because of it, I conclude that  when you are mentally stress and depress, it can help you in gaining weight but it is not healthy losing weight. When I got sick because of it, my friend really notice the changes in my body figure but instead of being happy to it, I feel really worried because I know it is not totally healthy. So I talked to a doctor and asked some advice in order to bring out the best in my body without gaining weight but staying healthy. 

  1. Start a Healthy Lifestyle. Where mind and body conditioning together with emotional and spiritual conditioning. All will be useless if all your body aspects will never be conditioned. Watch the video below for more tips. 

      2. Eating Proper Balanced Diet. This is one of the hardest thing to do. I can't deny it that I can skip this           because I'm tempted to eat those yummy, delicious and full of sugars food. I can't control myself if I              can see it on the table serving. We need sugars in our body but not too much and not too little. Watch            the video below to see the proper percentage of food intake. Enjoy!

     3. Exercise two to three times a week. Our body need this too. To stretch and have continuous flow of           blood and air circulation in our body, not just to lose weight but health issues always, right? You need           to limit your body in exercising too, you need to set the day of your exercise time and your rest, it is               important too. For me, I am doing Zumba exercises because when I am doing it I am not feel like v               exercising I feel like dancing so I enjoy it much. Why not try it? It is more effective when you are doing           things that you are enjoying it because if it not, you are just stressing yourself. It is good to force                   yourself too when it is your schedule, try not to skip it. You will really feel awesome! I swear! But please        do warm-ups and cool down before and after you exercise.

Those are some tips I can give you for now. Hope you'll learn something and fight for healthier lifestyle. Like mine, imagine and this is not a joke. The last month I gain 66 kilos and now got 55 already. Just water therapy also. I almost forgot. Don't ever skip water. I am taking the challenge of taking 1 big glass of water every 2 hours without skipping. I really feel great of it. You're very welcome to try it. It is already tested and proven. 



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