How to Lose Weight Safely

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When you think about losing weight, all that will come out of your mind is to reduce the amount of food that you are eating. This can be a solution but there is a much better solution that starving yourself. In fact, reducing the amount of your food intake can give a negative effect on your body, thus making it dangerous to your health. So, how can you lose weight safely, easily and effectively? Below are some of the tips that you can use.

No to Crash Diets

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There are a lot of advertisements about how to lose weight easily and one of this is to cut down the calorie intake and replacing it with different products that are advertised as “low calorie” food and beverages. These diets lowers your “supposed to be” required calorie intake thus your body starts to digest your fats.

Sounds good right?

However, that is not what’s really happening.

Your caloric intake gives you energy. Your body requires a lot of energy to burn your fats. Since, you have trimmed down the required calories in your body that gives you energy and consumed the low calorie food instead, fat metabolism will slow down. Since there is only little energy left in your body, it will result to fatigue and even weakens your immune system.

Your body will compensate the moment you start this kind of diet. It will think that you are starving your body thus it will try to store fats and burn your muscles instead to get the energy that it needs. So instead of making your fats burn, it actually consumes your muscles more. It can indeed lose your weight but you will look bigger with all those fats inside you. So if you want to loose extra body weight, it is best to keep in mind that your fat is what you should get rid of.

To address this tip, you can start by actually eating small frequent high caloric meals instead.

For example, you may eat little amount of food every 2-3 hrs.

In this way, your body will not starve and will not start to store again fats.


Eating Proper Food at a Proper Time


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This means that you should eat the proper food for your body at a proper time. Most of the people who want to lose weight actually tend to eat the same food all throughout the time. One good example is the “hard boiled egg” diet. Don’t get me wrong. Hard boiled eggs are nutritious, it contains a high amount of protein and that is very necessary for muscle building. However, eggs do not contain all the nutrients that your body needs. It will be better to eat a variety of food every meal to accommodate your body’s nutrient needs. Also remember my first tip above, eat in a small frequent meals.

One good example for eating small frequent meals is that you may start with a list of food that are healthy and very nutritious. After listing them, you can arrange whether to eat them during breakfast or maybe during snack times or even dinner. You may also use a small plate like a saucer rather than using your usual plate to minimize the amount of food that you will consume. There are a lot of food list that you can browse through the internet for your diet plan.

Eat variety of nutrient-rich food in small amounts at a frequent interval.

Another tip that is under this one is to lessen your caffeine consumption.

There are now a lot of advertisements about slimming coffees that will actually reduce your feeling of hunger. It may do a weight loss effect on you but there are more side-effects when you consume this type of product. Even if they say that it has a “little to no caffeine,” still it is a coffee.

coffee will never be called a coffee without caffeine 

Instead of taking slimming coffee drinks, you should take supplements on the other hand.

Simple Exercise!


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One good exercise for your body is aerobics. This is a very simple and achievable type of exercise that you can actually do even inside your house. It is also one of the best cardio exercises that you can use to strengthen your heart muscles. Also, this type can become a very efficient way to metabolize your fats faster.

Exercise does not only burn your fats but it also builds your muscles as well. Muscles are needed because it uses calories when you use them and even when they are at rest. To build your muscles, resistance exercises are highly recommended.

No to Diet Pills


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There are a lot of over the counter diet pills in the market now. They can, of course, really lose your weight but drinking pills can give serious harmful effects to your body. Even if the advertisements say it will not cause side-effects in your body, that is actually a bluff. That pill is a foreign material to your body. It is not normally in your system and when you introduce it to your body, your defense mechanism inside you will activate thus creating undesirable effects to you. If you really want to opt in drinking these products, it is best to follow religiously the instructions provided on the package and consult your doctor about this.

In conclusion, losing weight caused by fats is actually very simple. It does not really require a lot of sacrifice and huge amount of spend money to gain result. You just need to have an active healthy lifestyle and choosing the right kind of food that you eat. This may also mean that you need to adjust on your usual habits.

At first, it may be difficult but once you get along, you will see that it is actually very easy.


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