How to make MONEY on bitLanders: A simple guide for Newbies

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It has been quite a while when I first wrote about how to earn here on bitLanders.  It was actually a simple explanation and guide on what to do and what not to do in order for everyone’s stay here worth.  I created that blog for the intention of giving newbies ideas what really bitLanders is all about and how it really works.  That article was inspired by a number of queries I received in my inbox, new members asking how to earn here on bitLanders.  That means I wanted to help and hopefully since that time I did produce quality members here who are active until now.

If you want to check my previous blog please click here.

Now I decided to submit a blog again for the second time with the same purpose, to be able to help newbies behave as they should be in order for them to stay longer, and of course for them to know how to really earn a considerable amount of money here on bitLanders.

This time I sensed I’m in the position to do this again being luckily in the top 2 of the leaderboard for a few days now.  At least what I did in order to achieve that average daily earnings will be shared to everyone who is interested to really earn while socializing in this very amazing social site.


A. So what is bitLanders?

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This video may be a bit old as we are not paid with bitcoins anymore but it somehow explains how bitLanders works so I recommend you watch it.

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First of all, I would like to introduce to you bitLanders, bitLanders is a social platform that rewards its users for their content and daily social activities.  That means by interacting with other members, and by updating contents every day, one can be rewarded or shall I say paid.  Here we can actually upload videos, blogs, microblogs and photos every day or anytime we want to and it is unlimited. I mean any number of videos or images can be uploaded on a daily basis.  This time rewards are powered by the bitMiles technology, and can be exchanged within the curated shopping section for avatar accessories, or simply convert it to cash through paypal or payza.

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bitLanders believes that its users’ content and their time online has value and is worth being rewarded.  - bitLanders via FAQs page.

B. Who owns bitLanders? is a digital platform owned by MTI USA . MTI USA, Inc. based in New York is the original holding company founded in 1995 by Francesco and Tommaso Rulli.  It is also the company behind Querlo, a chatbot with a human touch.  To know more about querlo please click here.


C. So how do we earn on bitLanders?

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1. Subscribe members

While some members are not really into this but I strongly recommend to subscribe members as much as you can right after signing up.  Although we can only add up to 5000 members so this privilege is not unlimited.  Anyhow, as far as I know, we already are earning about 10 bitmiles every member we followed and not only that, subscribing them would mean more possible subscribers for us as normally they would subscribe you back even without asking them to which is prohibited here on bitLanders and eventually more buzz to our contents.

2. Do the daily Task

bitLanders are giving us buzz bonus daily but we should do the daily tasks to get that bonus.  This is very important to remember every day.  I mean every time I open up the site in the morning I used to do the daily tasks immediately before going to other activities.  And I suggest you do the same.

3. Update Contents

I notice that there are a lot of new members who are very active in buzzing contents of other members but failed to update his or her own.  This is definitely wrong unless he or she don’t want to earn, just enjoying buzzing which I think is not the true essence in our stay here.  So we need to update our own contents for others to like or buzz too.

4. Buzz as many as you can


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The reason for this is when you buzz someone’s post, he or she would really buzz back as long as he/she is not busy.  I mean it’s like instinct wherein one will automatically revert back to you upon seeing you in his/her contents.  And this is the way it should be.  Not just a one-way trip, I mean something like we just want buzzes in our contents without sending back the favor to those who buzzed.

5. Invite friends to sign up with bitLanders



I think not everyone is doing this, but still, it’s one way of increasing our daily earnings.  We will get 3 buzz bonus for 3 days every time someone joined through our referral link.  So if you have lots of friends who are also into writing blogs? Better invite them and earn 20% of their earnings lifetime.  I’m sure this time the one who invited me here whom I already forget is already enjoying almost 1$ earnings every day even without doing something.

6. Submit Content for Review


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Some of the information we get from this video is not anymore practiced in bitLanders but the rest are very useful, so watch it guys!

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Here we have an option to submit either Images, Videos or Blogs for review.  I can say this is where we can earn more among other activities.  There is no definite amount equivalent to one submitted blog or video but it certainly does increase your daily earnings every time a submitted content is reviewed and rated.

In submitting contents for review we just have to abide to the rules and should not plagiarize so as not to be banned here on bitLanders.

7. Embed Sample Querlo Survey Chat


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This time when creating a blog, it’s best to select a topic which we could incorporate Querlo, a chatbot with a human touch and embed a sample of the survey chat in our blog.  This way we could expect higher rewards as we are in a way promoting this amazing technology which is also a product of the bright ideas of the founder Francesco Rulli.

So basically those are the things that we should do in order to earn a good amount of money here on bitLanders.


Finally, bitLanders is one of the best platform wherein one can actually get paid by submitting their contents and collaborating with other members and I can say and already proved it by myself that this company pays on time.  And with the fate of Querlo this time I can say that this company has a long way to go not to mention being a great supporter of a number of charitable institutions which made it more credible and respected online earning site I knew.




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