How to mend a Broken Heart

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As I joined my classmates bonding, one of them played the song BROKEN HEART by kaligta. I don’t know what is the big deal about that song, but they started to murmur and sing with the song he play using his cell phone. Upon listening to every line, I saw emotions in my classmate’s eyes, to be more particular; I will name him dramatic boy. He sings the song with a hard feeling; well anyone can notice that on how he speaks out every word. I know, he relates himself to that song for he throws every word with anger.

Hence, I decided to make this blog, “how to mend a broken heart” for him and also for those who experience broken relationships. I know, dramatic boy doesn’t have an existing account on this site, but somehow, I’m hoping that the time will come that he will be given the chance to read this. By that, he will easily know the girl behind my code name shaiera, :-) Well. Let’s start.


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Romantically speaking, having a relationship (especially with the opposite sex) is somewhat one of the greatest and awesome experiences in our lives. Our world turns into something extraordinary. We feel ecstatic, excited, positive and good vibes fully come outside of us. We see things are good and everything around seems so beautiful. And you can notice that once you are in love with someone, it is hard to remember how you lived without him. Yes, you were alive before you met this person, but you really didn’t start “living” until the two of you met, the enthusiasm to wake up everyday will be found when you are in love,then you start living alive . Love is something magical that we can’t really express and give meaning of it with words.

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For those who found their perfect match. You might like this song too, because this song is so wonderful and every line shows how deeply in love the person who dedicates this. Just like what the song said, "I just can't compare you with anything in this world .As endless as forever .Our love will stay together. You are all I need to be with forevermore “the sincerity was really shown. Oh! I’m hoping to find mine too.

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Relationship is good only for those who are able to handle it right. Unfortunately, some can’t handle this that tends to a broken relationship. They can’t overpass those obstacles because their faith towards their relationships becomes weak. Failed relationship happens for many reasons, here are some:

1. Misunderstanding

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Most relationships develop problems because of poor communication that leads to a mere misunderstanding. In a relationship, both partners need to be able to share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and insights into a particular situation. The couple must know that good communications will help them strengthen their bond.


2. Broken Promises

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Some of us tend to make promises that are extremely hard to keep. Some people are really good with words, but not with actions that is why other people don’t trust again. I can say that broken promises is one of the main reason why a relationship fails. I have already experienced that before and that really hurts. So guys, if you love someone. Show them your effort and please don’t effort on just talking, do what you must to show your love.

3. Cheating

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There are some reasons why a person cheats with their partners, but for me, cheating starts when lack attention exists. There is a saying that stated, “Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you are there.” Lacking of attentions might lead to finding someone new, even though you don’t want to; there is a tendency that you will find someone who can give you the attention that you want.There are also instances that even though their partners give their full attentions, some can't help but to cheat, for those who are, please listen to this song.


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4. Different personal insights

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Being in the relationship doesn’t mean what your partners want is always been right to do so. We have our diversity; we have our own way of thinking and different perspective towards a certain situation. Different personal insights may also result to broken relationship, especially when both of you don’t want to lose your pride. When you are in the relationship, make sure that both of you are open-minded so that you can easily fix things out.

 5. Control Issues

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I have this problem before, control issues. My partner has always commanded me to do things that for me are not appropriate. He has always controlled me, if he doesn’t want a certain friend of mine, he will ask me to keep a distance. I know he feels jealous, but when things go repeatedly, it feels boring and because of that we lose love. So I decided to stop our relationship. The best way to overcome this is that, accept her for what and who she was, and never find others to her. Don’t make her change just because you want to, she has his own issues on things.


There is lots of reason why a relationship fails. So before you enter a relationship, make sure that you are ready to be hurt because not all relationships are always being happy and perfect, the time will come that you need to be tested, things will happen in the way that you didn’t even expect but just hold on and let the so-called love help both of you to survive.


Not everyone has a perfect love life, not everyone finds their true love. Unfortunately, we can’t predict things that easy, happy moment will suddenly fade when you and your partners parted your ways. I know the feeling of being a broken hearted. Believe me, I have encountered the worst. So as a piece of advice, keep reading the following.

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MOVE ON is the process of understanding your situations and accepting what was happening. This process is one of the most difficult stages to overcome after you fall for someone or even just being attached to him. By realizing all those memories you've shared with him and those hardships that both of you had overcame. You can’t easily accept that everything is over now. But there’s nothing you can do but to move on.

For me, there’s a lot of ways how to deal with the pain in order to move on. But here, I’ll share you some ways to do it. I hope this will helps you even a bit.


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Let go of the person who hurt you. Being parted with him is a nature’s way to say that he’s not meant for you. Let go. Don’t think of the happy moments that you shared with him. Think of the worst because the more you feel the pain, the more you will convince yourself to let go. To let go is just accepting that it’s not worth it to fight for him. Let’s say for example, you have a small ring that is not exactly to your finger’s size, the more you insist to fit it the more it will hurt you. And even though you’ve made it is still not comfortable to wear and again feel the pain all the time UNTIL you will just decide not to wear it anymore.


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The more you let yourself think the more you can’t escape the pain. Make yourself busy and don’t give even a second to think about him. Go out. Go to the parlor, exercise, shopping, etc. Do anything that will make you feel good and looks good so that when an uncertain situation come that cross your ways with him and see how beautiful you now because of the things you’ve done to make yourself busy he will regret that he left and hurt you, see how he will react and you'll find yourself happy. I swear! Hehe.


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As a friend, I’ll advise you to listen to a rock songs whenever you are heartbroken because if you don't and you insist your favorite one, a solemn song or that worse love songs you will just hurt yourself more. Look, listen up

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when you listen to a happy and a rock song you will move your head and sometime your body also just to feel the beat. Shake your body, shout out loud with the music and never think of someone. You felt happy at that time and you will forget all the bad memories you’re trying to forget you create your own way to feel relaxed. Unlike when you will listen to love song like,

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you will only remember all the memories with him and again find yourself hurting.



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You have friends and family. Talk to them. You know, they are always with you before, during and after the relationship you’d entered. They know you; feel you and they can do things that will make you feel better. Don’t hesitate; friends and family are always there to listen and to help you to endure the pain. They are the ones who can make you laugh and do silly things. They can help you forget things, just give them yourself. Open up and pour all your pains with them. Let them help you. And just in case you don’t know, your friends and your family always support you to love and to move on. Don’t set them apart. They are your best buddies through happiness and pain.


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Hence, just enjoy your life. Do what the things you want to do. Explore things, hang out, play games, do whatever makes you feel happy. NEVER rely on your past. Forgive and accept. Then, enjoy life. I am hoping that the next time I see you,dramatic boy, the sadness in your eyes fade. :)

Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize.


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