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The announcement made by Micky regarding the Bitlanders AI-Themed Blogging has raised conflicting reactions and to the extent of disapproval from our fellow Bitlanders members. It seems that switching from traditional blogging into an AI-Themed Blogging is already the end of its existence.

Members started to panic and some are planning to look for other opportunities. 

As an old-time member of the site, I have learned to love Bitlanders and seeing these reactions from fellow members made me worry too. I can't just stand here without doing anything while watching everyone feel so frightened of the upcoming changes. So I decided to gather information in order to help fellow members who are finding difficulties with the AI-Themed Blogging. 



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In my previous post about Artificial Intelligence, I introduced the term and how it differs from Human Intelligence. I also shared its history and the 7 original concepts of AI. I also included in the same post some examples of AI that will give us a clear understanding of the term.


I consulted Ubersuggest to see how Artificial Intelligence is doing in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Based on the result presented by Ubersuggest, it shows that Artificial Intelligence has a high engine search during the last 12 months equivalent to 110,000 monthly searches.  Based on the result generated from using the app, it says that the keyword is competitive and there is a 35% chance that we can rank on the top 20. 


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

(Screenshot from Ubersuggest)

What does it mean? 

A high number of searches could mean more potential that our blog posts could reach a high number of readers. This could bring higher leads and eventually high earnings to the site. It is not anymore new to us that when the site's income grows, so does ours. As a member of the site, it is but necessary that we do our best in order for the site to grow. I hope you agree with me.



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I am aware that Bitlanders' members came from different countries, with different beliefs, skills, and interest. The easiest way for members is to write based on their interest and experience.

Bitlanders is an open blogging platform that allows members to write about any topic, so long as it does not violate rules in writing or does not fall under inappropriate contents. It is important to read the Terms of Service and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

But things do change and the site has to adapt.


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With the current situation on the business side, it is imperative that we go with the competition. We should be proactive. Meaning, we should not wait for things to happen but rather, we should act in order to achieve our goals. 



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It seems that many members were surprised for the sudden implementation of the new blogging policy or the AI-Themed Blogging. Because of this, I started digging for old contents and found several posts about Querlo which were posted 2 years ago.

Meaning, this AI-Themed blogging is not new to us. We were exposed to this even before. If you would browse the site, there are many posts related to AI years back.


As I browse the site for the different blog posts, I came up with the following list of common subjects: 

  • Parenting
  • Foods
  • Love
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Health and Beauty
  • Book Reviews
  • K-Pop 
  • Arts
  • Money
  • Saving
  • Business
  • Technology
  • How to's Posts

There are ample subjects we can use as a topic. Yet some of us may find it difficult to come up with an idea on what topic to write about. I understand you guys because there are also times when I just couldn't submit a post. But that doesn't mean that I am running out of an idea. 

Let me share several subjects which you can work with on some of the topics above. 

For Parenting:


Image Credits:  Thomas Wolter via Pixabay

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in parenting topics can be daunting but it does not mean that it is impossible. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Can we Entrust Our Children's Development to a Machine?
  2. How To Be an Effective Parent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  3. The Future of Parenting in an Environment Surrounded by AI

For Foods:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in the Food Industry
  2. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Food Manufacturing
  3. Can We Rely Our Future Food Supply on AI

For Love Topics:

  1. Is it possible to fall in love with an AI?

For Fitness


Image Credits: StevePB via Pixabay

  1. Personal AI Trainer
  2. Can We Get in shape Faster Using Artificial Intelligence?

The shift to AI-Themed Blogging does not mean we need to leave the subjects we used to write about. We only need to infuse AI to what we currently do. A little bit of creativity will help us.  

Contrary to what some are saying, Artificial intelligence is not a limited subject. In fact, we can attribute almost all our daily activities with AI. what are the things that we usually do. We plan, we set schedules, we send communications, etc. All these activities that do can in some way related to AI. Because AI is not a thing of the future. It is within us now.

Here is another video that will give us additional knowledge about AI. enjoy watching!

Video Credits: The NetworkOne via YouTube

On the Final Thought:

The world is continuously changing. Technology is moving very fast. The only way to survive is to adapt to the new situation. Don't be left behind. 

I hope that through this post, I was able to enlighten you regarding AI. Remember, we are humans and we are the creatures with the highest form of intelligence. 

Before I end this blog post, let me leave this quote from the founder of Querlo, Francesco Rulli.

"I don't see AI as a threat for people but to improve their personal lives."

Francesco Rulli: Founder of Querlo

Please interact with Miss Hillary in this chat to learn more about AI-themed Blogging.

Stay tuned for more AI-Themed blog posts from this author. Thank you. 

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Date: April 19, 2019


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