How to prepare for your first baby

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Having a baby means that you will need to give up some of the old habits, old hobbies and old routine.

Though it is the happiest day of your life, it is a big responsibility that can be exhausting if you are not prepared for it.

1- You need to live in a promising place: We all want to live in a peaceful place for us and for our kids. The place should have good schools, a good neighbor, good hospital, and everything is nearby your house.

2- Financially settled: You should have a good job which you like and brings you a good income. Raising a baby needs more money than a college student needs for his college. You have to pay for his pampers, food, treatment, nursery and college.

3- Prepare your self mentally for the coming baby: Babies need lots of attention and sleepless nights. You need to keep an eye on him all the time, be careful not to hit himself while crawling, not to fall down while walking, not to hurt himself while playing, not to enter the kitchen and much more things that need you to take precautions to ensure your baby's safety.

4- Prepare your Baby's Room: preparing baby's room takes a lot of time; you need to buy the bed, the cabinet, the baby's car seat, the clothes, the pampers and many other things, but do not buy expensive things, babies grow fast and soon you will need to replace what you bought.

5- Be a patient parent, so if you are not a patient person, you may want to delay having a baby for sometime until your teach yourself patience. The baby's hobbies such as drawing on the wall, spitting on the floor, pees in the carpet and throwing things, need really a lot of patience and understanding.

Though its a great experience, it brings lots of issues and needs lots of money, so you have to be really prepared to have a baby or second baby

Baby is blessing, and love, yet it takes lots of your life to raise one, so imagine rising more than one. And raising is not easy with the tech and net, it is not easy to keep them on the right track if you are living in bad community or bad neighbors, so think twice and more before you bring a baby in such a surrounding and good luck parents.

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