How to Present Well

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How to Present Well

There are some points to be observed by the presenter during presentations which are:

Research: the researcher must collect a really good material for the issue he has chosen before, search well, more materials and must have extra knowledge about the issue

Adjustment: the writer must adjust or bring out the aim or sub titles for well presenting the issue or he can bring out in many small papers 

Exercising: do not memorise what you have written, just take the concept and exercise it with your friends and family inside a calm place and get their opinions regarding your speech

Controlling: having stress in presenting an issue is common, try to figure it out and keep your self confidence up, that will help you be energetic during speech

Eye’s role in presenting: during speech you can point on someone or an issue and can see direct to the audience faces it will help you control the situation

Normality: being normal during presentation has its perfect role, you can make a joke at beginning and walking during the presentation helps you not to get bored

Speaking Clear: speak clear and loud while presenting an issue, take the consideration of your audience by repeating the mentioned key words

Questions: regarding to the audiences’ question hear their voice carefully, repeat the question for better understanding and till then you will have time to think about the answer and here the extra material or info well help u to answer the audiences questions 

At the end of the presentation learn from your experience and ask your friends for positive and negative points for better knowing your abilities and solving your negative points

Yasar Asekzai

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This is Mohammad Yasar Asekzai 21 years old, From Kabul Afghanistan, student at Faculty of Law at Cairo University, He is interested in Writing, Reading and Exercising.

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