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Here I am again, Shaiera, presently one of the top earners at From my previous blog bitlanderscom-a-tutorial-for-the-newbies I already tackled how this site works, how you can earn more and how to improve your rank. So, now, lets tackle how you can redeem your rewards/bitcoins from

Brief Reminders about this site

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Image courtesy of is a digital platform where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership.This is like what other social media sites that allows its users to interact to the other users world wide but in one aspect, stand outs for it really pays its users in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that we get from using this site. We earn bitcoins at by posting quality contents on four different sections such as Movie, Blog, Micro blog, and Gallery. You can also earn by collecting satoshi rewarded blog and do treasure hunting on selected videos.

How to withdraw?

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For my three months here, some of the users asked me if this site really pays? well, I already made a blog that confirmed that this site really pay its users. Check it out -->bitlanders-as-a-paying-social-media-site.

Guys, This site has a policy of the minimum amount of withdrawal which is 0.02510000 Bitcoins.

If you already have that amount in your account, you can now click on redeem button and put your bitcoin wallet address. BUt, that is not stop there. You need to verify first you account ^___^. According to some old users of this site, requires us to verify our account just for the sake of this site's security.



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When you click the redeemed button on your page, you need to wait for an email to your gmail account. That email will require you to send two valid Identification Cards to verify your bitlanders' account. This is the email they sent to my inbox.

When you received this email, provide now your two valid IDs  by responding their email.

Well, this is the contents of the email I sent to them

Good day!

Since I am just a student and my voter's ID is not yet released I can just show you my School ID card and my library card... I hope that are already enough because I do not have any other IDs aside from that for now.
Hoping for your consideration.
Thank you
Two valid ID's are presented. (Back-to-back)

After several business days, bitlanders' team will email you again stating below.

And then, follow what the bitlanders team' email stated.

In our first withdrawal, we do not need to resend it again because if you will going to check your orders status, you can see there that your order is on process. Just wait for them to finalize your withdrawal.

After several days of waiting, you will be notify that you already received your payment if you see a post like this in your profile.


How to have a bitcoin wallet address?

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According to some of the old users, uses before. To give you insights about that, read the blog of Minato

A post on chacha23's microblogs

I do not have an exact information about the list of wallets that you can use here, but for me, I am using To make an account, you will need to provide your phone number and your gmail account. Kindly watch the videos below for the easy instructions.

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Now, when you already made an account, you will see your wallet like the picture below. Please don't mind my first earnings here. If you just did your account on, you can see in both sections are ZERO.

To find your wallet address, simply click on the "Wallet Address" button on the left side of the page and select which wallet you'd like to view then you will then see a popup screen displaying your wallet address. Bitcoin Wallet Address composes of Alphanumeric keys meaning your address has numbers and letters only.



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Bitcoin provides a great way to receive payments from any online site because it allows you to get paid and cash out into Pesos immediately, without having to go through any complicated signup processes or paying excessive fees. Since this site,, pays its users in bitcoin. You need to work here by posting quality contents on four sections such as Movies, Blogs, Micro Blogs and Gallery and make sure to earn buzzes from other users. Just continue using this site.

Then you have it, after verifying your account and providing you bitcoin wallet address, just wait for a few business days and your payment will surely come to your wallet.



Image courtesy of is known to be the leading Bitcoin exchange in the Philippines, for me, this online wallet is the most easily and safety to use. I am very much impressed with speed of my transactions of this

Guys, you need to verify your account too by providing one valid identification card. Make sure that your card is readable when you submit that.

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To withdraw your money using this Follow the following steps, by the way, I always use M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala but its up to you which one you find convenient to use.

First, Log in to your account

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Every time you will log in to your, they will send verification code through your phone or in your email address to confirm your account. Just for your account security.

Second, Choose which method you want to use.

As what I said a while ago, I just use M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala so my samples pictures here are based to this method.

Third, after you chose, just provide them the information they need.

Then wait for the email and text that will give you the reference number and so the name of the sender.

Thats it, claim now your rewards ^__^

Happy Earnings!


Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera

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