How to Sell in 60 Seconds!

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What do you do?

According to experts we have just seven seconds to make a first impression, which is commonly known as the ‘elevator speech.’  Tough one to crack sometimes, instantly having that perfect answer to reply to the BIG, SCARY  ‘What do you do?’ question.  Lots of business people struggle with their intro, its not uncommon.  So is there an alternative to this? The answer is YES! 

There are obviously many ways to approach your clients, and with the ever so fast growing social media networks, its even easier to find your audience without literally standing in front of them face to face, giving those who struggle with the seven seconds rule time to prepare.  Don’t get mistaken though, I am a firm believer of face-to-face interaction, it is the best way to really get to know a person and gain potential customers (even by mistake sometimes) Bonus!


So, we know that physical communication is very important, but with our lovely little friend ‘social media’ we can sell to our audience by claiming their attention before meeting them. And I don’t mean in the way of blurting out a ‘buy this’ or ‘50% off’ - pushy offers… yes they may work now and then, but that may be a quick sale that never returns for a second sale. What’s the point in that? Wouldn’t you like the same customer to return over and over again?! So ten quick sales turns into ten quick sales guaranteed to come back again… doubling your profits…makes sense to me.


So to grab your customers attention you need to create a talking point, a discussion, treating social media as exactly what it says - ‘social.’ Last time I looked they didn’t call it ‘Selling’ media. You get the drift... Ok and how do we do this? Create a discussion/talking point? Especially for those very busy people on the go all the time with a pot noodle in one hand and a phone charger in the other! It’s hard enough to keep up with social media as it is. 

The solution

Sit back, relax and let the ‘visuals’ do the talking. Simple...

Stop motion adverts. - Why not use your very own viral stop motion animation? Its cheaper than advertising on TV, and you can display it wherever and whenever you like. It’s yours forever! The best thing about marketing with stop motion is that it can become a discussion, it doesn’t have to be strategized with a constant ambush of selling words, silly phrases and annoying songs! Simply pitch your business within that animation, it doesn’t even need to be obvious at all. Stop motion marketing brings traffic, a social connection and above all the ‘REMEMBER’ factor, driven straight back to you and your business…all you need to do then is be involved in the discussions evolved around your animation. You’ll be developing sales without even realizing it!

Don’t bore people with pushy sales and big words that they don’t even understand, give them something that makes them smile, laugh and want to know more about you…. And then you’d better start work on your seven second elevator speech!  ;) 

Give it a go!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

All views my own.

- Part 2 of How to SELL in 60 seconds :

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