How to Share Laptop Wifi as Hot Spot

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Today i want to share about WiFi Hot Spot through which you can share your PC or Laptop Internet between your friends and everyone can use internet through one Laptop or PC. but first of all i will tell you little bit WiFi Hotpot.

what is WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi Hot Spot is new wireless technology which is used to shared one internet connection to multiples purpose. on one PC or Laptop can Install Wifi Hot Spot Software and Share it internet connection in home, office,everywhere he want and everyone can connect with it easily. 
So first of all you need one internet connection on your PC or Laptop, after that search in about WiFi Hot Spot Software which are a lots on internet freeware. Popular WiFi Hot Spot software is Connectify which is free and easy use software. After Install Connectify Software on your laptop or PC, Run it and you will a blue type Box on right side of your windows screen. after give the name in WiFi Name box of your SSID. then give Password of your own custom. after it Connect to Connectify and your internet will now share and everyone can access your internet free. Wifi HotSpot also can connect from Smartphones.

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