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 Everyone has a story to tell. You have tons of ideas rolling around in your head and you want other people to see and read them. That is why you want to start a blog, but it leaves the question of how to start a blog unanswered. The good news is that setting up a blog is very easy. Filling it with good content is the hard part..




 The steps to setting up and running a blog are:

  • Create an email address. The odds are that you already have one, but you might consider a new one just for the blog. Setting one up with a free provider will provide you handy practice on setting up a blog.

  • Choose your provider. There are many providers of free or inexpensive sites to start a blog, but not all sites are created equally. If you want your blog to be seen by the widest audience possible, choose one that ranks high on search engines.

  • Create your blog account. Setting up a blog account is a lot like setting up an email. Register with your provider and give them the information they need. Make sure you read the terms and conditions, sometimes there are some surprises.

  • Create your blog title and unique URL. Once you create your URL it is permanent. The only way to change it is by starting a new blog; take care in how you create it. Short and simple is a good rule, but many people already know that and those URLs are taken. Choose something that fits your personality but won’t be a source of embarrassment, later. Blog titles are also a reflection on what the content is. Make sure the title of your blog matches the theme.

  • Select a template. Now comes the fun part. Designing your blog has become easier. Most .blogging sites use templates for page design and the process is simple. Pick the elements you want, put them where you want them and hit go.

  • Write a blog post. Putting up your first blog post is a big step. Knowing how to do it is important, but seeing your words available to anyone who wants to see them is an even bigger deal. Once you have gotten comfortable with your thoughts being available to anyone, write some more.


 That is all the information you need to start a blog. The process itself is basic and easy. Filling your blog with valuable or entertaining information is the hard part.




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