How to Take a #Good Decision in Our #Life and How to Use the #Advantages of the #Good Decisions and How to #Avoid the #Disadvant

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The important decision that I had in my life was about my major in university. When I was child I wanted to be a filmmaker. I know about cinema and arts. However, I wanted to go to a university that I can study about art and cinema, but unfortunately I couldn't study because most of the universities in Kabul don’t teach this major very well.

American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has just four and five majors and there isn't any class for cinema. In addition, I thought when I have just limit options; I have to choose the best one because I don’t want to waste my time and money to study a major that I don’t like. Finally, I talked with my family, friends and advisors. I hate math, but I choose Business Administration it can be a good major for me. This decision can change my life in the future. Do you know the important decision that you made have significant effects on your life so try to select a right decision in your life.

I think the important benefits when I decide is I can prove to myself and others that I can decide for myself and I can control everything. I can be more confidants and learn how to be a leader. In addition, the disadvantages derived from decisions that are depressing, wasting time and money. This is true that decision to do something or not to do other things. In my life I have some decisions like choosing my friends, making money and finding job. When I decided to study very well in university I have to cut some activities, like don’t go to shopping a lot, parties with my friends, trips, and play games. I have to do my assignments on time, listen to lectures, and pay attention to teachers.


I think when I considering both the advantages and disadvantages of the decision. We can make a good decision because we searched and talked about the problems and the benefits of the decision and then we decide that we can continue or follow this decision or not. Sometimes thinking about a decision can be useful. When I discuss about my decision with someone, I can use her/his experiences in my decision in the future. That can be avoiding of repeating fails and mistakes in my decisions. 

When I want to make a decision, I try to talk with someone elder than me that have more experiences. I listen to her/his suggestions carefully. I keep asking from different people like my Teachers, Friends, Family, advisors  and Survey about my Decision. After that I am setting with myself and thinking about everything that I decided. I don’t know any alternative approaches about how to make a decision. "I think this is the best way".

Written by: Mona Haidari

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Mona Haidari studies Business Adminstration at American University of Afghanistan. She is also a writer for Afghan Women Writing Project. Mona loves arts like painting and music. She made two documentary movies.

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